Footprints in the dough

I absolutely love the idea of capturing munchkin’s little hand and footprints while he is growing, so last week we got out into the garden and got messy with some salt dough!


We used half a cup of plain flour, half a cup of table salt and a quarter of a cup of water, and kneaded into a dough, then flatten out into little rounds.

Next, get your small person and their cute little hands and feet to make impressions on the dough rounds.image

I then used a matchstick to write munchkin’s name next to his prints. The date would be goo d too, but I couldn’t fit it in so I will write that on the back with a marker. If you want to hang the ornaments up, then make holes in the dough with the matchstick too.

Then bake for 3 hours on 100 degrees c. You can also microwave salt dough but last time I tried that they rose into little salt cakes.. Not quite what I was looking for! The oven baking worked much better for me.

You could then paint them pretty colours, but I think I will leave ours as they are and hang up with some ribbon.


Bob and Bill enjoyed the garden time too. Maybe next time we will try salt dough paw prints!

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