Frey at 19 weeks.. and a week of firsts

Munchkin was 19 weeks old on Sunday, and he seems to be getting longer by the day! He’s going to be a very tall munchkin one day. We took our first visit to Cardiff to visit my parents, munchkin’s Mamgu and Grandad.


He had his first proper bounce in the door bouncer.. (a bargain £4 from my local Facebook selling page!)


His first taste of baby rice.. which I made up so it was just slightly thicker milk from a spoon. Yes the spoon is too big, it was all that was available in the shop. And despite the look on his face in the picture, he really enjoyed it!


Baby rice from a spoon is a messy business though, so next up was his first bath in a sink! He didn’t enjoy this at all.. and it resulted in my Mum and I getting absolutely soaked!


All of that was pretty exhausting.. and this is the first time Munchkin has slept on his side. Rolling over is his new favourite thing, but it scares me a bit, I spent a lot of the night gently holding his arm to keep him on his back!


When we got home, the jumperoo that I’d ordered was waiting for us! I managed to put it together (no tools required thankfully, and we amazingly had batteries in the house.. must replace the stash!) I think he is still a bit too little for the jumperoo, he gets cross after a few minutes, but I’m sure it won’t be long until he’s bouncing away in there!


Feeling pretty confident after all this, we attempted the first night in the big cot. He has outgrown his moses basket, and since the 4 month sleep regression which has been going on for a few weeks, we have been co-sleeping. I know, rod for my own back, I’ve been told.. but it worked.. and I do what works! But.. incredibly luckily, he seemed to enjoy having the extra space in the big cot, and stayed there all night long! He’s managed two nights in it now.

We did have to google ‘legs and arms trapped in side of cot’ when we first put him down in it, as he woke up cross and trapped. Netmums provided us with the solution.. the sleeping bag! Problem solved. Thank goodness the heatwave has passed!

Unfortunately we are now rocking another first.. his first cold. He’s a grumpy little munchkin bless him! If only he could work out how to blow his nose!

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  1. Ali | 11th Jul 15

    He’s nearly five months already! Where does the time go. My grand daughter Zoe is almost seven months old now. It’s amazing how much they change as they approach their first birthday isn’t it.

    • thesparklenest | 11th Jul 15

      I know he has grown so much! It’s a little bit sad to see the Moses basket up in the attic! Yesterday I dressed him in shorts and a shirt, but he looked so grown up I changed him back into a baby grow! Silly me ☺️ How is Zoe doing? Is she on the move yet? Any teeth? Xx

      • Ali | 12th Jul 15

        Zoe is very much on the move. Like her father, she isn’t interested in crawling. She just wants to get up and go. And yes, there are a couple of teeth there too.

  2. | 20th Jul 15

    In case you are going with a family, wait until your kids are not
    less than 4 before feeling protected down on the seaside.

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