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When I was looking at products to use in Frey’s bath, I knew that I wanted something gentle for him, that was free of nasty ingredients, as that is what I use for myself. I especially wanted something that was free from SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) as my skin reacts badly to it, so I didn’t want to use it on Frey either.

Well, I have to admit, the Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash has become my new favourite shower cream – for me, as well as for Frey! It lathers up into a lovely rich foam on the sponge, it’s so soothing to wash with, and leaves my skin lovely and soft after my shower, I’m not even rushing for the moisturiser as I usually am! The body wash contains sweet almond oil, sesame seed oil, and calendula flower extract, so it is beautifully moisturising and very gently fragranced.

I haven’t tried it as a shampoo for myself yet, but I do use it all over for Frey, and his skin is still baby soft and free from irritations, just the way it should be!

Frey hasn’t really suffered from nappy rash until very recently, so when he started to get a little irritated, I thought I would try the Weleda calendula nappy change cream too, as we love the body wash so much. This also contains sweet almond oil, sesame seed oil and calendula flower extract, and claims to gently wrap a protective layer around the skin, supporting it’s natural functions. It works beautifully, perfect for baby’s bottom, and for mummy’s hard working hands! I apply to my hands just before bed, and it really helps to keep them soft.

What are your favourite gentle baby products?

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  1. Alison | 20th Jul 15

    I’ve never used Weleda’s baby products, but I am very familiar with some of their other skin care. My favourite is the Pomegranate. The body oil is the best I’ve ever used. Its a bit pricey, so its more of a treat item, but so lush.


    • thesparklenest | 21st Jul 15

      These are the first Weleda products I’ve ever tried (even though they weren’t supposed to be for me!) I’m very impressed though, so I’ll look out for their other items I think.

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