Frey’s First Meal

I remember a conversation I had with my cousin a few years ago, about why parents feel the need to put pictures of their children online with food all over them. Why not clean them up before taking a picture of them? I just couldn’t understand it. Well, now that I’m a parent, I’m doing just that! I also now understand the meaning of the hashtag #sorrynotsorry, I never got the point of that before either.

Ooh yummy bib!
Ooh yummy bib!

I couldn’t let it go by without note, yesterday we started to attempt weaning. I did mention in my ‘Frey at 19 weeks’ update that he had had a taste of baby rice, but then he came down with a cold and wasn’t at all interested, so we gave up on that and I thought I’d wait until he was a bit older. As he will be 6 months old on the 22nd August, I thought that I couldn’t put it off much longer!

So, yesterday I got the highchair out, and prepared his first delicious meal of mashed avocado and water from the brand new sippy cup.

That's not milk!
That’s not milk!
Can I eat this too?
Can I eat this too?

I think he managed a spoonful or two, and a sip of water, so I’ve labelled it ‘a good start’. Mummy finished off the avocado. Today’s menu… mashed banana!

It’s a whole new world of fun and mess!

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  1. Alison | 6th Aug 15

    The mess is always cuter when you aren’t the one who has to clean it up. LOL! Becky, the card and the beautiful True Grace fragrance hanger arrived today. Thank you so much! I have the fragrance hanger on my little home office bulletin board.

    Ali x

    • thesparklenest | 6th Aug 15

      I agree, the cleaning up isn’t the most fun part! Today he kept trying to eat the bib, so I gave up and took it off him. I’m not sure if that was a good idea or not, he looked like he had had a fight with a banana! So cute though :-) I’m glad the card arrived! How did the move go? Are you all settled in? x

      • Alison | 7th Aug 15

        The move went really well, thank goodness and yes, we are getting settled in.

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