Babi Pur Lucky Dip Review

Babi Pur Lucky Dip

I love a lucky dip box, they remind me of fetes when I was small, putting in 20p for a surprise gift. This lucky dip box was quite a bit more than 20p, but I’m so pleased with it.

It’s from Babi Pur – which is a fantastic website. It is full of ethical, fair trade products for kids. Toys, reusable nappies and the coolest clothes. I’ve ordered from them a couple of times before and I have always been impressed with the speed of their service. They are a family run business based in North Wales.

I have been tempted to try their ‘Lucky Dip Box’ for a while, so I finally took the plunge this week – and just a few days later, these goodies arrived..

2 x Tot’s Bots Easyfit nappies

I was very happy with this.  We only had one Tot’ s Bots nappy,  and it’s brilliant. One of the reasons I love Tot’s Bots are the designs – they’re just so pretty! We always put on a Tot’s Bots when we go to baby massage class, to show them off! I do have quite a selection of pretty nappies that don’t do a very good job – but Tot’s Bots do both.

1 x Closer Pop in Bamboo

The majority of our nappy collection consists of Closer Pop In Nappies – so I am always happy to add to it! I’ve found these nappies to be the best that I’ve tried. It’s not always so easy to get the fit right, especially with a wiggle monster baby, but when I can get it right they are the only thing that work for us for night time.

1 x Wonderoos Nappy

I haven’t tried a Wonderoos Nappy before. And it’s always exciting to try a new nappy! (Really it is, I know that may sound strange, but it’s so true!)

Charlie Bears Fifi Rabbit

Such a cute and soft cuddly bunny! Made from organic cotton in the UK. Frey already has a bunny that we bought him before he was born, but I think Fifi will make a lovely present for one of his friends.

Hape Pyramid of Play

I haven’t opened this up, but I’ve looked up the description on Babi Pur’s site and this consists of 5 wooden boxes covered with pictures of animals, numbers letters and shapes.  Each box has a hole into which fits one of 5 different shaped wooden blocks.  This is a brilliant toy for early learners, great for teaching numbers, colours, shapes and all those first words while your baby plays and has fun. I need to keep this for a year and it’s suitable for 18 months plus, but that’s ok. It would also make a fab gift.

Flower Rattle

This is just gorgeous! When I saw it I thought it would also make a good present for one of Frey’s friends, but I think I’m going to keep it for him – mainly because I love it, and he’ll love it because it rattles..


Not pictured, but if these goodies weren’t enough, the lovely people at Babi Pur threw in a chocolate bar too.

I paid £55 for the lucky dip box, with free delivery. I’ve worked out that the cost of purchasing these items individually would be around £112, which is a fantastic saving. Babi Pur already has discounts on the nappies, so the RRP would be even more again. I would really recommend these boxes if you’re looking to start your Christmas shopping early – and I’d recommend Babi Pur for anything else groovy and baby related!

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