Frey at six months

We celebrated Frey turning six months old on Saturday. I can’t believe my little baby boy has turned from this…

Frey One Week Old

to this…

Frey Six Months

in what seems like such a short space of time!

From what I can remember of the past six months, the first three were great, then things got a little tricky from 3 months to 5 months, with sleep regression and feeding problems. Frey dropped two percentiles on the growth charts and for months we were visiting the health visitor each week hoping that he would have put on more weight. In the past month however, he seems to have had a huge growth spurt, and now seems to be bigger than most of his friends of the same age!

Sitting up

We’re getting there with sitting up, he’s still a little wobbly, and he much prefers to be on his feet at every opportunity!

Tummy Time

If we’re not holding him up on his feet, then he loves tummy time. He’s getting so much stronger, and holds himself up on his arms and wiggles his legs about, desperate to be on the move!

High Chair

He’s also getting pretty good at sitting in a high chair, for a few minutes at least. As for weaning.. he’s not much of a fan of being spoon fed purees any more. I think he’s got a bit wary of what I might be bringing towards his mouth in case it’s the dreaded broccoli! Yesterday he did have a few bites of a piece of banana after turning down mashed banana from a spoon, and this morning he gnawed on a little piece of toast, so that’s promising isn’t it? I was very proud.


Playtime! Frey started showing an interest in his toys, grabbing and playing with them, at around four months. Now he loved rolling around on the floor playing. He also adores his jumparoo. We got it for him when he was five months old and he was a little too small for it then, but now he will bounce around in there for ages.

Right now he is such a happy little boy, spends most of the day giggling and chatting. He loves being in his sling and taking the dog for the walk, and being bounced around in the air while I sing silly songs to him. I take him to baby yoga every week and we’re planning on starting baby sign language classes in September.


As for Rob and I, we celebrated 6 months of being parents by opening a bottle of fizz after bedtime on Saturday evening. Delicious! And yes, we did have a fire on a warm August evening. We’ve lived here for nearly two years and our wood burner is still a novelty!

Happy six months little munchkin xx

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  1. Coombe Mill | 24th Aug 15

    He’s grown up so much in Six months, and crossing off so many milestones too. I think that’s the best way of celebrating 6 months of parenthood too! Popping in from Magic Moments.

    • thesparklenest | 25th Aug 15

      Thank you! It is amazing how much he has grown. And the Prosecco was very welcome! :-)

  2. farmerswifeandmummy | 24th Aug 15

    Yay to the fizz. You made it! That’s how I felt anyway but distinct lack of fizz here. I will celebrate 7 months instead. He is beautiful. Thanks for linking up #MaternityMondays

    • thesparklenest | 25th Aug 15

      I don’t see why you couldn’t celebrate every month with fizz! We celebrated one month old with it too :-) Thank you for commenting x

  3. confessionsofanaggingmother | 25th Aug 15

    Awww, they grow too fast don’t they?! What a fab idea to celebrate a milestone with a glass of fizz! Wish I had done this!


    Gemma xxx

  4. Alison | 25th Aug 15

    He will be starting school before you know it Becky!

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