Sticky Mix Vegan Belgian Chocolate Cookie Mix Review

Sticky Mix Review

I received the Sticky Mix ‘Free From’ Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in my August ‘The Vegan Kind’ subscription box. I absolutely love baking, and I think I’m not too bad at cakes.. but cookies I sometimes have a problem with. I make them too big and they end up as one giant cookie, or I over cook them. So I was excited to try this mix, with it’s step by step instructions.

All you need along with the mix is 60g butter substitute (I used Vitalite) and 30ml water. The mix I used made 10 cookies.

Sticky Mix Mix

The instructions say to bake at 180 degrees for 8/9 minutes – and then ‘when you take these delicious cookies out of the oven they will still be very soft. You may even think they need cooking a little longer, but don’t be fooled, these beauties continue to cook even when you take them out of the oven, and firm up nicely whilst cooling.’ The cookies were very soft after 9 minutes, so I took them out anyway and left them to cool – I was already impressed that they actually looked like 10 individual cookies, and not one giant one as usual! And of course, one of the best things about baking, they made the kitchen smell amazing!

Unfortunately, after 12 hours of cooling, the cookies were still far too soft to take off the baking tray (I’d left them overnight under a cloth on the tray) so I thought I’d pop them in the oven for a few minutes more. I expect my oven wasn’t quite hot enough for the first 9 minutes that I had cooked them for.

Sticky Mix Cookies

This was the result. And not only do they look like proper cookies – they taste amazing. Proper, melt in your mouth, soft in the middle, chocolatey delicious cookies. I took them over to a friend’s house for lunch, and they all got polished off pretty quickly!

Sticky Mix have a wide range of baking mixes on their website, this one was from their ‘Free From’ range, free from dairy, soya and egg. The mixes on their website cost £6.00 for enough to make 12 large cookies – and I highly recommend them. stickymixwebpic

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