Rain, leaves and Vikings #LittleLoves

 It has been the week of very little sleep here again, little munchkin just doesn’t like sleeping at night. Or in the day. I’ve had the loveliest naps for the past two days after Rob has got home from work and taken him for an hour… much needed!

On with this week’s Little Loves…


I came across two brilliant blogs this week. This particular post from Stolen Sleep had me laughing out loud.

Inside the mind of a sleep deprived parent at 4am.

Secondly, another laugh out loud blog is Risforhoppit and her ‘Things my toddler says’.  Well worth a visit for a chuckle!


There are some beautiful trees right outside our window, and I have unbelievably watched the leaves slowly start to change into their Autumn colours this week. It’s still summer isn’t it? Isn’t it? I absolutely love Autumn, but I’m not quite ready for it just yet!

Autumn Colour in August


This has been a week of torrential downpours, and as Bill still needs his walks whatever the weather, Frey and I wrapped ourselves up in our raincoats. I got Frey’s rain suit from Mothercare whilst I was in Cardiff last week.. I think he looks adorable in it! (But then, I do think he looks adorable in everything)

Rain suit


Rain! One of the things I don’t mind too much about being up for most of the night, is when the rain is hammering down on the windows, I find it so soothing. Two nights ago, when Frey just wouldn’t settle, I actually took him downstairs and we stood at the open back door at 4am looking at the dark and listening to the rain. It really calmed him down too!



We had a treat earlier in the week when I made some proper squishy cookies using the Sticky Mix Free From Cookie Mix that I received in this month’s Vegan Kind box. I licked the spoon of course, which reminded me of when I used to spend much of my last weeks of pregnancy baking cakes.. yum!

Sticky Mix Mix

…and lastly

We visited Dorchester Museum on Sunday for their Viking Day.

It was fascinating stuff, with lots of displays of different crafts. Frey was so good, he loves it when there is plenty to look at! I’m not sure what he made of Daddy in his Viking helmet though…


Have a great weekend!


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  1. Jess @ Along Came Cherry | 29th Aug 15

    The Viking day looks great and so does the vegan cookie mix, Mr C is allergic to dairy so would love it! x

    • thesparklenest | 30th Aug 15

      Thank you! You really couldn’t tell that they were ‘free from’, they were just as good.

  2. Alison | 31st Aug 15

    Viking Day! I love it. Becky, you live where all the cool stuff is. Frey looks like a sturdy Maritimer in that outfit. I see the first signs of Fall in that tree photo too. Looking forward to the start of my favourite season.


    • thesparklenest | 9th Sep 15

      It is quite exciting, I love Autumn too! Viking Day was fab :-) x

  3. Sarah Anne | 1st Sep 15

    Aww, Frey looks adorable in his rain suit! I love how you’ve made the best of the weather this week.


    • thesparklenest | 9th Sep 15

      Thank you Sarah Anne :-) x

  4. butwhymummywhy | 2nd Sep 15

    Oh my goodness, how cute foes Frey look in that rain jacket?? Adorable!! xx

    • thesparklenest | 9th Sep 15

      Thank you, he looks so happy there, he wasn’t so much when we actually got out into the rain!

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