Bilbo, our faithful and loving crazy muck magnet

The 26th August was National Dog Day, which inspired me to write a post about our fabulous pooch Bill (aka Bilbo)

Bill Puppy

We brought Bill home from a local rescue centre in January 2014, when he was around 8 months old. All we knew about him was that he was rescued from Ireland. He was such a skittish little boy, the first time we visited and took him for a walk he hid under the first car we saw and refused to come out again.

Getting a dog was a big deal for me, I’ve never been a dog owner before and sadly, rescue dogs are likely to have behavioural problems and need a lot of love and training. Also, I had a cat, Bob, and I wasn’t sure how he would take to the arrival of a dog in his space!


As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. Bill was very receptive to training, and has always been such a good pooch. One of my favourite memories is being out walking with him when I was very heavily pregnant, and walking up a hill with a stile at the top. Bill jumped straight over the stile and waited for me, but I was completely out of puff.. I said, ‘Bill you’re going to have to help me over’, and he jumped back over to me, and jumped up at my back as if to give me a push! It was the sweetest thing, something I’ll never forget.


He’s much braver now than when he was a little pup, but is still a big softy. He’s such a Daddy’s boy too, and waits in the garden most days around the time Rob is due home so he can be first to greet him.


Bill has been so patient since Frey arrived too, he knows that his walk doesn’t happen first thing in the morning any more, but gets so excited when I put Frey in his sling and grab the lead.

Bill is mainly Collie, but we think he’s crossed with a Springer, so he has boundless energy. Luckily Rob takes him on runs and bike rides as well as his little walks with munchkin and me!


This print pretty much sums him up! I bought a personalised one from paw pads shortly after he became part of our family.

Frey loves walking Bill, he will watch him running around for ages.. and we even have adapted the Bingo nursery rhyme just for them…

‘There was a Frey bear had a dog and Bilbo was his name oh.. B I L B O and Bilbo was his name…’

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