Favourite things from September

September Favourites1. Roses. In particular, these beautiful pink roses that I picked up from Lidl at the beginning of September. They have been brightening my kitchen windowsill for three whole weeks and are only just going over. I always think that fresh cut flowers are such an extravagance, although a very welcome treat, but at only £2 for three weeks worth of loveliness, this is a treat I can justify!

2. Jason Cranberry Body Wash. I have rediscovered this body wash this month, it’s wonderful stuff. It smells amazing, cranberry is one of my favourite fragrances, so sweet and fruity. And, very importantly, it is free from Parabens and Sodium Laurel Sulfate, so my skin loves it too. This giant 1kg bottle is £10 and I buy it from my local independent health food shop.

3. Crafting. I’ve really enjoyed getting the crafting bug back this month when I made my Autumnal wreath. I’ve got lots of ideas for more projects so I really hope I can find some time to get them done. I wrote a tutorial for the wreath here.

4. Ella’s Kitchen fruit and vegetable pouches. Oh how I love these pouches! At the moment, they are one of the only ways I can get vegetables into my baby boy. Thanks to these clever pouches which are a mixture of fruit and vegetables, baby boy has eaten spinach, parsnips, carrots, and all sorts of other good things this month, which makes me a happy Mummy!

5. Blackberry smoothie. Baby boy isn’t the only one who I’ve been struggling to get vitamins into this month. I seem to have completely lost the taste for fruit, so the only way I’ve been able to get it into myself is to make myself this smoothie. It’s a mixture of banana, blackberries (or mixed berries), natural yoghurt (I use Alpro soy yoghurt), mixed seeds, and apple juice. A delicious help towards feeding myself my five a day! I’ve also been making this smoothie regularly for Rob who has been training for a half marathon, so I though some added goodness each day would help him too.

6. The River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook. I think this is about the third time I’ve mentioned this book on my blog, and I promise I’m not getting paid to mention it! I’m really enjoying making the recipes from it. They’re family friendly, so can feed all of us. I’ve been making the bread weekly, and last week I made the carrot and lentil soup, which I made into a slightly thicker puree for Frey, and he ate all of it – and there was no added fruit to make it sweet for him! I was so proud.

What have you been enjoying throughout September?

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