Market Sunday in Bath

A few weeks ago, we took Frey up to Bath for a look around Bath Artisan Market. He absolutely loves visiting markets, which is handy for Rob and I, because there is always so much to look at, so many noises and bright colours.

The market is held once a month at Green Park Station. As we made our way in, I was delighted to find ‘Beyond the Kale’, an Organic Juice Bar. It also sold salads, and lots of wonderful vegan cooking ingredients, so I was in my element!Beyond the Kale

Rob and I had one of their green juices with added spirulina each.

Juice bar

To go along with our green juices, we were then very happy to come across ‘Roar’, a stall selling raw superfood treats. We treated ourselves to a matcha truffle each, which really gave me an energy boost.

Raw Superfood

Raw Superfood

Raw superfood

There were some wonderful stalls at the market, and I could have easily spent a fortune, there was even a stall selling organic baby clothes, but I resisted! I loved ‘Bambini Felt’, selling ‘plants you can’t kill’

Bambini Felt

Bambini Felt

Another stall that stood out was ‘Poppy Daisy’, which was selling an amazing selection of colourful clothes and scarves, along with these beautiful flower brooches.

Flower brooches

After our visit to the market, our trip up to town was completed by a visit to Lush, where I treated myself to a few things, and I talked about here.

There are some wonderful independent designer makers in this area, and I always try to buy gifts from them, so another visit up to the market will be in order before Christmas I think!

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  1. Alison | 16th Oct 15

    “Plants you can’t kill’? That’s a hoot!


    • thesparklenest | 23rd Oct 15

      I know, it’s brilliant isn’t it! :-) x

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