Frey at 8 months


My beautiful little sunshine boy is now 8 months old, and what a scrumptious little chunky monkey he is. He gives me so much joy every single day.

Toys at 8 months

Frey’s favourite toys are his phone, which he uses to phone his little friends and Bilbo (in my imagination anyway!) and his stacking cups. I build him a tower and he loves to knock it down then build it back up again. No, I don’t mean build it back up again, I mean pick up the cups and chew them. I gave him a cup so I could take the top photograph, otherwise the card would have been chewed instead, as indeed it was as soon as I’d taken the picture!


Frey is really enjoying meal times now. He loves porridge for breakfast, with fruit puree, and he loves to chomp on some bread or banana. I’ve even made him a fair few meals which don’t contain fruit and he will happily eat them. Today I made him carrot, onion, garlic, celery and red lentil puree and he loved it. Hooray!

Frey also had his first tooth come through this month, which makes our ‘biting mummy’s nose’ game quite painful sometimes!

Eating out at 8 months

He also loves eating out.. I’ll often find him losing interest in me and his food part way through a meal time while we are out and catch him grinning at other people in the café instead, he adores the attention!

On the move

I caught him pulling himself up onto his feet on the side of the cot just a day before he turned 8 months old – there may be trouble ahead! Frey isn’t crawling yet, but he can get up onto his knees, then he falls onto his tummy and waves his legs as fast as he can, it’s so funny to watch. There is some power in those little legs!

Snoozing at 8 months

Frey has been a little clingy the past week or so, I don’t know if this is an age related phase, or just because he has been through a bit of upheaval and a change of routine, but I can hardly put him down during the day without him getting upset. He’s started lifting his arms to me to be picked up which is another new development. And I must admit, having my baby boy snoozing on me is also incredibly soothing for me during this tough time we currently find ourselves in.


Baby wearing helps with this, and he will happily sit in the sling for hours while we walk around shops, markets or parks.

True Love

It’s true love! Happy 8 months Frey bear xx

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  1. Alison | 25th Oct 15

    My goodness, Frey is growing so fast! I’m not sure what is causing the clingy phase. I have a friend with a three year old boy who is still very much a “mummy’s boy”. Is Frey clingy with his dad too?

  2. Helena | 25th Oct 15

    Aww I can really relate to those milestones you are seeing. My daughter is of similar age. I posted about the changes that have happened last week with #TheList

  3. Blogging Mummy | 25th Oct 15

    He’s such a beauty!! Keep him as a baby as long as you can he will be a toddler before you know it!! x

    • thesparklenest | 27th Oct 15

      Aw thank you, I think so too! He’s growing far too fast already, my little chunk!

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