Create a life you love

Create a life you love

I have a postcard on my mirror which every day tells me to ‘Create the life you love’. I’ve had it for a good few years, and life has got better, and better, and better. I came across this quote from Dale Partridge just a few days ago and it really resonated with me. Life is short, and we do have the power within us to make it one that we want to live. It might not be easy, but I do believe it’s achievable.

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  1. Alison | 3rd Nov 15

    Easier said than done, but I agree, if you don’t try you can’t complain about it later. There’s no such thing as Nirvana, but we have free will and the ability to make a life for ourselves that doesn’t leave us selling ourselves short.

  2. Alice @ The Filling Glass | 3rd Nov 15

    I am hoping that it is achievable. I have been thinking about this recently too, and there must be a truth in it, but I know it won’t happen by itself. Here’s to creating the life we want.

  3. natasham | 3rd Nov 15

    I love this quote, it’s so very true. Creating a life you love is the best way to stay joyful x

  4. Becky, Cuddle Fairy | 6th Nov 15

    This is fantastic. I also love the quote that’s on your mirror – that’s a wonderful reminder to start your day with! Thanks so much for sharing your quote with #candidcuddles x

    • thesparklenest | 6th Nov 15

      Thanks Becky, it is very good to look at each day :-) Have a lovely weekend! x

  5. Candid Cuddles 27 • Cuddle Fairy | 8th Nov 15

    […] they are each special, unique & creative. My favorite quote last week came from Rebecca at The Sparkle Nest. It’s such a motivational quote. I love the advice to make the changes needed to have a happy […]

  6. leannelc | 11th Nov 15

    it took me 50 years to realize this – you’ve done well to grasp it now and I hope you’re living it every day! Life is short and we should be doing what fulfills our heart :)

    • thesparklenest | 16th Nov 15

      Thank you so much, I’m trying my very best! x

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