My Sunday Photo – Quillan in the Sunshine


This week’s photo is a throwback again, to this time last month, when we were in the beautiful French town of Quillan. The weather here definitely been wintery this weekend, so it’s lovely to look back at this sunshiney image from just a month ago. I love the salvia too, they were planted in big pots all over the town. I’m not complaining about the wintery weather though, it’s not very cold yet and it’s quite nice to get wrapped up in a big warm coat against the wind and rain!

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Mama of two beautiful boys. I’m veggie, vintage loving, a bit of a crafter and a bit of a hippy. I love the countryside and pretty things.


  1. Darren Coleshill (@OneDad3Girls) | 8th Nov 15

    This looks so beautiful, it’s a wish you were here photo

    Thank you for linking up

    • thesparklenest | 9th Nov 15

      Thank you, I do wish I could take myself back there! x

  2. Jess Powell | 8th Nov 15

    Love this photo – I can almost smell the fresh air! :)

    • thesparklenest | 9th Nov 15

      Thank you :-) x

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