Favourite things from November

Favourite things from November


  1. The Little White Company bear ears cardigan. We were given this as a gift when Frey was born, and it’s sized 9-12 months. I remember opening the box and thinking how beautiful it was, but it was so big, I just couldn’t imagine him fitting into it! Well now he does, and it’s been perfect for this mild November.

Bear Ears Cardigan

2. Fluffy Slipper Socks. Another gift from earlier this year, my friend Anna gave me these for my birthday. I started wearing them this month and they’re wonderful! I’ve got cold slate floors in my cottage but these keep my feet toasty and warm.

3. Sudocrem Care and Protect Cream. Ok, I have a confession to make. I’ve mentioned before, that since Frey was six weeks old we’ve used cloth nappies. The only exception to this was when we went away on holiday, so when we went to France we used disposables. And, with all the upheaval since then, we still haven’t made it back to cloth. Eek. One of the problems we used to have when we used disposables, was that Frey did suffer from nappy rash. However earlier this month we were sent a sample of Sudocrem Care and Protect, and he’s had no problems at all. It’s a lovely cream, I’d really recommend it for a sensitive baby bottom!

4. ‘Mother’ T Shirt from Selfish Mother. I received this in my goody bag from Blogfest ’15, and it has become the very best T Shirt that I own – isn’t it fabulous?! It’s from Selfish Mother, and all of the profits from their mother designs go to help Women for Women International , a charity that helps women from war torn countries rebuild their lives.


5. Soap and Glory Rich and Foamous Body Wash. Not only does this body wash smell like cake, and if you read my blog regularly you will know how much I love things that smell like cake, but it is so rich and creamy, and leaves your skin so soft. I’ve alternated between this and some other shower gels this month, but this is by far the best one I’ve used in a long time.

6. ‘Cwtch’ letters. These letters are by East of India and I ordered them from Ebay. I just love them, they’re like old printers blocks. You can buy them individually to spell out whatever you would like, and I chose ‘Cwtch’.


What have you been enjoying this November?

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