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I’ve really enjoyed putting together gift guides this Christmas, it’s been a fabulous excuse for hours of window shopping! I’ve found so many lovely things recently I wanted to put together one more, but I couldn’t decide on a theme, so these are simply – my favourite things. I hope you find something you love from my collection too.

Angel Wings

Angel Wings in Embroidered Tulle by Betsy Blair Home

I discovered Betsy Blair Home through Instagram just last week, and it is one of the most beautiful web shops I have ever come across. Who wouldn’t love some embroidered tulle angel wings in their home? Although I’d be happy with anything from this gorgeous shop.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat All Dark Collection

One of the many great things about Christmas Day is nibbling on chocolate when you’re already full from lunch. I love the look of this collection from Hotel Chocolat, which is their first collection that is completely vegan friendly.

The Shopkeepers Home

The Shopkeeper’s Home

The Shopkeeper’s Home is the first book from Caroline Rowland, who blogs at Patchwork Harmony. The book looks at the interior decor of over 30 independent stores from around the world, and then visits the homes of the shopkeepers themselves. I love interior design inspiration, and being an ex independent shopkeeper myself, this book really appeals to me.

Sweet Sleep Aromatherapy Spray

Sweet Sleep Aromatherapy Spray from BoHoBo Aromatherapies

I discovered BoHoBo Aromatherapies when I was shopping at the Frome Independent Market last weekend. I fell in love with everything on the stall, but I chose this ‘Sweet Sleep’ spray. BoHoBo says ‘Sweet Sleep has been made by a mother of a baby not keen on sleeping, with absolute love. We all know how important sleep is but when we feel it as urgency then this emergency sleep spray can cradle you to its bosom and rock you into a deep divine and desperately well-deserved slumber.’ Well I have a baby who is not too keen on sleeping, and I’ve been suffering from insomnia recently. I couldn’t resist this spray and have been spritzing it liberally all over my pillow every night, it’s beautiful.

Makelight Course

Makelight Photography Course

I mentioned Emily Quinton when I wrote about My Five Favourite Instagram Accounts. She is a photographer, author, blogger and maker and I absolutely adore her photography. Emily runs photography workshops in her London studio, which I think would make a fabulous Christmas gift. If travelling to London is difficult, she also runs a selection of online courses that you can follow from home.

Mumma Beads

Mummy Beads from Blossom and Bear

Blossom and Bear is another shop I’ve mentioned before, in my Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide. I was pretty excited when I discovered Blossom and Bear’s stall again at the Frome Independent Market this month. I treated myself (and Frey) to these Mumma Beads, and they are absolutely fantastic. I’ve stopped wearing necklaces since Frey was born, because of course he just wants to pull and chew on them – but with Mumma Beads, this is the whole idea! He loves them, and as they’re made from silicone they’re perfect for his sore gums, and we’ve already had many lovely cwtches whilst he chews on my necklace. I’ve already ordered another set of Mumma beads for a friend for Christmas.

The Nostalgianeers

Membership to ‘The Nostalgianeers’

I love this as a unique Christmas gift. I was actually given this as a gift from my Mum, and I’ve really enjoyed it. The Nostalgianeers are a group of British history and vintage loving souls – “Our hearts are in the past, but our minds are firmly set on the future and we explore history together joyfully and with respect, gathering inspiration and pearls of wisdom to help us live our own lives in a more creative and sustainable way.” As part of a membership you receive access to digital issues of the Pretty Nostalgic Compendium, which is the most beautiful magazine.

The Vegan Kind

The Vegan Kind Subscription Box

I’ve subscribed to The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box for a few months now, and the selection keeps getting better and better. There is the choice of a lifestyle box or a beauty box, each filled with treats which are 100% vegan and cruelty free, delivered to your door each month.  This would make the most amazing gift.

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Mama of two beautiful boys. I’m veggie, vintage loving, a bit of a crafter and a bit of a hippy. I love the countryside and pretty things.


  1. Alison | 16th Dec 15

    Lovely list Becky and a nice change from the usual sort of thing. That Nostalgianeers is different, isn’t it. I can think of several women I know who would love membership in that. I haven’t heard of the Vegan Kind box, but it looks good. I’ve not subscribed to a beauty box or any other sort of service, for some time now as I wasn’t pleased with them. I will give this one a look though.

    Ali x

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