Frey at 10 months – and the first Yule

10 months and my first Yule

My baby boy turned 10 months old today. He’s definitely turning into more of a little boy than a baby now, and as always he is an absolute joy and makes me smile every single day, even on the darkest of days. We bought this ‘My First Yule’ vest last Christmas when we were Christmas shopping in Glastonbury, it was a little present for ‘bump’ and it finally came out of the drawer today. I remember thinking how huge it was when we bought it!

Easy Rider
Easy Rider

Frey came with me to get a new tyre for my car earlier this month. Last time we went to the tyre garage he was so tiny, and slept in his car seat the whole way through, I remember sitting outside on the wall in the sun hoping he wouldn’t wake up. This time, only a few short months later, he was having a great time on this bike in the waiting room!

First visit to soft play
First visit to soft play

We had another huge adventure this month too, we flew up to Scotland to visit Frey’s Grandma and Grandad. We had a lovely fun filled Christmassy weekend, which included Frey’s first visit to soft play. He was in awe of the older children running around and couldn’t stop staring – it won’t be long before he’s doing the same! Grandma took him in for a play and he looked so sweet on this little roundabout. His balance isn’t quite as good as it may seem from these pictures though, a few moments after I took this one he fell off.. lucky that it’s ‘soft’ play! He’s wearing his Buzz Lightyear costume that his Aunty Emily bought for him.

Standing in my cot

Since Frey started crawling at 8 months, he’s not quite so desperate to get onto his feet as he used to be, as he can crawl around with great speed and get into whatever takes his fancy. He’s absolutely non stop, and loves throwing things around the room. Each night at bed time the house looks like it has been ransacked so I tidy it all up for him to start again in the morning. I did catch him practicing his standing in his cot yesterday though, he’s getting stronger on those little tootsies!

A quiet moment

We do have our quiet moments, although they’re few and far between and usually when Frey is very tired. Here he is examining his hand in wonder! Frey is such a character now and will let me know if he’s unhappy about something by getting cross with me. The thing he is usually unhappy about is being strapped into his car seat or high chair as he loves to roam free! Oh, and eating vegetables. For some reason he’s becoming a bit of a picky eater again, which I’m trying not to worry about just yet.

Playing with my toys

A rare moment where Frey is actually playing with his toys rather than the pine cones, which are meant to be firelighters, the christmas decorations, the christmas bows, the plants, the remote controls.. anything that he’s not really supposed to be playing with. This evening as I watched him tearing leaves off my Christmas houseplant and trying to eat them, I thought I’d trick him and handed him a spinach leaf. He’s not stupid.. the spinach leaf ended up discarded on the floor with the rest of todays debris!

Happy 10 months my beautiful boy, I love you so very much.

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