Best of Nine.. Vegan Recipes

Best of Nine Vegan Recipes


This is an odd looking photo collage isn’t it? It’s my ‘best of nine’ from Instagram, my nine most popular images from 2015. Interestingly the majority of them are of vegan food, and what I consider some of the worst quality photos I’ve taken. As they seem to be so popular despite that, I thought I’d share the recipes that I can with you here, in case you fancy trying any of them for yourself. While the quality of the photographs might be not that great, I can promise you that all the food was delicious!

  1. These are Stuffed Chestnut Mushrooms from ‘Deliciously Ella’. They are amazing, and I’ve had them instead of meat as part of the ‘Sunday Roast’ many times this year.
  2. Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes
  3. Candy Cane Love, not a vegan recipe, but a pretty picture of candy canes. I took the wrappers off for the photograph then I hung them on my tree in the kitchen. They have now melted all over my kitchen windowsill, so I would recommend keeping the wrappers on if you wish to use your candy canes as decorations!
  4. Homemade Guacamole. I went through a phase in the summer where I was addicted to guacamole. I remember making this as part of ‘Mexican night’, where I cooked up a bean chilli with rice too.
  5. This one is lentil bolognese. I’ve found a similar recipe here. 
  6. A pretty door that I spotted in Mere, Wiltshire, the week before Christmas.
  7. The candy canes are back again, along with my sugared orange slices.
  8. A vegan mushroom stroganoff, which wasn’t homemade, but bought from my favourite health food shop, Earth Fare in Glastonbury.
  9. Finally, my Banana and Date Super Shake, which I couldn’t get enough of earlier in the year, I had one every single morning for breakfast.

Let me know if you have tried any of these recipes, and what you think. I am also working on a new smoothie recipe which I will post up for you in the next week or so, it will be the perfect thing for a New Year boost – and it will taste great too.

I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas season.


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