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Little Loves

It’s been so long since I joined in with Little Loves, but I realised today that this month is going to be one of those months where I can’t remember what I did.. and it’s an important month because it’s the last before my maternity leave ends. So I wanted to record the little things..


The Gentle Sleep Book

I wrote earlier this week about the may things I’ve tried to help Frey (and myself) to sleep.. and on many an occasion, perhaps after a particularly bad night, I’ve seen a post on Twitter or Facebook from Sarah Ockwell-Smith, author of ‘The Gentle Sleep Book’ that has really reassured me. I’ve read quite a few this week, and so have finally ordered her book which arrived today.


Derren Brown

I don’t watch much television, but when I saw that Derren Brown had another one off special on this week I just had to tune in, so I treated myself to a fire, curled up on the sofa and turned the laptop off for an hour or so. It was gripping viewing, I had to hide behind my hands for some of it, and the conclusion was pretty freaky. A few online reviews have said that Derren has taken things too far with this one, he leaves you wondering if it was just for entertainment or if he really has a more serious message.. The majority of us are so easily influenced and will follow any kind of authority under the right conditions.. and it’s time to push back. Strong stuff!



This week I finally made arrangements for this beautiful boy to start nursery. His first day is 8th February when we’ll be going in just for an hour together, then the next day I’ll leave him there for a few hours and gradually build up to two full days a week. It’s pretty scary, I hate the thought of not being with him! But I do realise that this is a selfish thought, as I am pretty sure that he will love nursery and it will be very good for him.

Earlier this week we met up with our NCT group and he had a brilliant time playing with the other babies – he didn’t look for me once! So nursery will give him much more of that. And I’ll be able to go to work. I’m very pleased that it won’t be full time though!


Frey in snowsuit

Winter has finally arrived here in  South West England, so this super cute snowsuit has been worn a lot this week. I love it, I call Frey my little eskimo when he’s wearing it! We have been out on two walks this week which I’m really pleased about. We used to walk most days when we had Bill, but with no pooch to walk it’s very easy to just not get around to it, but the weather has been so beautiful we just couldn’t stay inside. Frey is obviously a lot heavier in his sling now which must be good exercise for me right? Walking up a hill with him in his sling this weekend certainly made me out of breath.. more practice is definitely required!



When we spent all that time in Cardiff staying with my Mum and Dad, Classic FM was almost constant background music, it was on all day long in my parents kitchen. This is something I’ve brought home with me, and whilst I don’t have it on all day long, I have downloaded the Classic FM app on my phone and pop it on when Frey is having his meals in the kitchen. It’s lovely and calming.

and lastly…

I’m afraid I’m going to have a bit of a moan. I’ve been feeling so run down since New Years Eve, and last week I developed an eye infection. I took myself to the doctors on Monday who gave me antibiotic eye drops, but five days on I still look like a zombie, they are so red! I also seem to have put on some weight, and that’s not making me feel great either. So this past week I’ve been eating pretty healthily, cooking nutritious meals, taking my vitamin supplements, drinking oodles of water and not a drop of wine, but I still don’t feel great. I do hope this changes soon, I just want to feel like me again.

That aside, it’s been a lovely week with my little boy. I hope you have a great weekend!


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Mama of two beautiful boys. I’m veggie, vintage loving, a bit of a crafter and a bit of a hippy. I love the countryside and pretty things.


  1. Emma Kershaw | 15th Jan 16

    Hope little Frey gets on at nursery ok, it’s not easy leaving them. I don’t know what it is about this time of the year but I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish too and I’ve had an eye infection so I know how you feel, hopefully we’ll both feel better soon, have a lovely weekend :) xx

    • thesparklenest | 15th Jan 16

      Thank you Emma, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling rubbish too. It’s getting a bit tedious now as it’s been over 2 weeks! Although the eyes are definitely looking more pink than red today so that’s got to be a step in the right direction! I hope you feel better very soon too, enjoy your weekend :-) x

  2. Morgana (@coffeeworksleep) | 15th Jan 16

    I missed that Derren Brown programme but have heard a lot about it. I’m not sure whether to watch it on catch up or not, I’m intrigued by the premise but creeped out about what they did!
    Frey looks adorable in his snowsuit! I wish it was acceptable for adults to wear them – it would defo keep me warm on a cold school run, haha! xx
    Morgana (@coffeeworksleep) recently posted…A birthday, Cinderella’s castle and daffodils #LittleLoves 3/52My Profile

    • thesparklenest | 15th Jan 16

      The Derren Brown programme was definitely creepy! I’d give it a watch if you have a chance though! Ooh I’d love a snowsuit too, Frey and I could have matching ones, I’d definitely do that! x

  3. Imogene | 15th Jan 16

    I really need to catch up with that Derren Brown special. I loved his last one! I think I may pop that on tonight after my lads are in bed 😀
    Hope you feel better soon xx

    • thesparklenest | 15th Jan 16

      Thank you! They’re compelling watching aren’t they, I wish I knew how he controls minds like that! Or perhaps it’s best not to..

  4. Mum Reinvented | 15th Jan 16

    What a little cutie Frey is! Hope he’ll settle well in nursery, although if your NCT meet up is anything to go by it sounds like he’ll have a blast! Shame you’re not feeling to great at the moment, hope next week will be better for you :-)
    Mum Reinvented recently posted…Street Art, Birthdays and Lean in 15 #littlelovesMy Profile

    • thesparklenest | 15th Jan 16

      Thank you so much, I think he will love it at nursery! I’m looking forward to the very first session when I’ll get to watch him for an hour, it’s so cute watching all the babies play together!

  5. Jenny | 16th Jan 16

    Oh bless so cute. What a lovely roundup for this week. I hope you have a great weekend. #littleloves
    Jenny recently posted…Monsoon clothing, motivation, and borrowing books #littlelovesMy Profile

    • thesparklenest | 16th Jan 16

      Thank you Jenny, I hope you have a great weekend too :-)

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