Frey at 11 months

Frey 11 months

Last Friday, on the 22nd January, my baby boy turned 11 months old.

I’ve always heard parents describe their little ones as being ‘into everything’ and now I know what that means! Nothing is safe these days. When we’re at home his absolute favourite thing to be doing is tearing around the living room as fast as he can crawl, destroying everything in his path. He’s hilarious to watch, and watch him you must! Frey received so many lovely toys for Christmas but they don’t hold his attention for very long. The remote control however, or the phone, or the kindling basket.. they’re the best things ever

I think this kindling would be better out of the basket. I'll help with that...!
I think this kindling would be better out of the basket. I’ll help with that…!

This past week, he has also started to move things, instead of just throwing things about. So in the kindling basket, there is now a plastic stacking cup and a coaster. There is a roll of sellotape and another coaster on the windowsill. I sat on a pine cone on the sofa this evening, and all of my framed pictures that used to sit on the table are piled up next to me, as they have had their stands yanked off and won’t stand up any more!

Frey 11 months

Frey is getting very confident at pulling himself to his feet, and once or twice has ‘cruised’ between pieces of furniture. He’s stood without holding on to anything three times, before he falls down onto his bum!

Baby Walker

He received some Christmas money from his grandparents, so I bought him this walker. He’s still a bit small for it though, even though I have tried to show him how it works by walking around the room with it which he finds hilarious, and will sit and laugh at me!

He loves being chased too, it’s always a game. However this includes nappy change time, which is becoming a serious work out for me as I crawl around after him and grab his little legs as he squeals with laughter!

Frey 11 months

This happened!! On Friday 15th January Frey went to sleep at 7pm and when I was woken by his cries and stumbled sleepily over to retrieve him from his cot I thought I must still be dreaming when I saw the time was 6.45am! It hasn’t happened again since, but it gives me a lot of hope! And doesn’t he look pleased with himself? He was in a great mood that day, as was I!

Frey 11 months

Mealtimes are unfortunately becoming a little bit of a battle. Breakfast is usually absolutely fine, but Frey doesn’t seem to find lunchtime or teatime much fun anymore, and will very regularly turn his head away, clamp his mouth shut and cry whenever I offer him anything on a spoon, without even tasting it. If it’s finger food then it will be thrown straight on the floor. He tried to throw strawberries topped with peanut butter on the floor today but I was ready and caught them. And delicious they were too, but seeing mummy eating doesn’t seem to work any more either. It’s strange as he used to love mealtimes once we got through the first month or so of weaning. I do hope that it’s just a phase!

Frey has never got on well with a sippy cup, so I bought him a cup with a straw and I was SO proud when he worked out pretty quickly how to use it. He looked very pleased too, looking from me to the cup and back with a big grin!

Frey 11 months

As always, you are my joy and my world little bear. I love you so so much. Happy 11 months!

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  1. Robyn | 27th Jan 16

    What a beautiful boy you have! Mine is 14 months now, and he was a month early, so he’s still doing a lot of the same things. Including making mealtimes a nightmare, but we’ll get there right? It’s so fun how mobile and curious they are at this age, it sounds like you’re having a great time together!
    Robyn recently posted…Roasted Carrots With Chili and ThymeMy Profile

    • thesparklenest | 27th Jan 16

      Hi Robyn, we are, they’re such a joy aren’t they? Mealtimes can be rather stressful though when you prepare a meal to have it flung at you. It has to be a phase… they won’t be doing that when they’re teenagers will they?! x

  2. Hannah G | 27th Jan 16

    Oh my goodness, you have one handsome little chap! I remember this stage with my now toddler, although annoying at times I loved her being into everything- their little way of exploring the world around them. And I can relate to the mealtimes too, don’t worry, it does get better :) #bestandworst x

    • thesparklenest | 1st Feb 16

      Aw thank you Hannah! I do look forward to meal times getting better! xx

  3. Jen @ The Hollyhockdoor Blog | 28th Jan 16

    Aww! Such a beautiful little guy! I loved 11 months with my boys — they start to be interested in doing things but are still babies and want snuggles! Lovely photos too! Visiting from #bestandworst
    Jen @ The Hollyhockdoor Blog recently posted…Bang-toxMy Profile

    • thesparklenest | 1st Feb 16

      Thank you! It is a lovely age, he is getting so independent when he wants to be but when he’s sleepy especially he’s my little baby again, love him :-) x

  4. thismummylark | 28th Jan 16

    Sounds alot like my boy! From 7am till roughly 7pm my day is what seems a constant health and safety assessment. He is everywhere and he has to touch everything. Very tiring but yes fun to watch at times. Ive learnt to move the remotes and my phone out of sight.

    Meal times a challenge deffinetly. He was a really good eater now he seems less fussed on meals and would prefer snacks. Im trying to do give him more fingers foods and to let him explore it whilst resisting the urge to pick everything up as he drops them.

    My little guys 1 in 2 weeks time really has flown by!
    thismummylark recently posted…Sensory play – potato stampingMy Profile

    • thesparklenest | 1st Feb 16

      Aw, mine is 1 in 3 weeks time! Mine is doing the opposite with meals, he won’t have snacks at all they are just launch missiles, so he needs to be spoon fed at the moment, the little monkey :-) x

  5. helen gandy | 29th Jan 16

    Oh he is just lovely! Wow 11 months, it flies doesn’t it, looks like he is keeping you busy :) Lovely post and thanks for linking up #bestandworst
    helen gandy recently posted…Our Week!My Profile

    • thesparklenest | 1st Feb 16

      Thank you, it really does fly by! x

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