Living Arrows 11/52 – First trip to the park

Play park

I have been absolutely loving the warmer, brighter days we’ve had over the past weekend. The sunshine has given me a much needed lift, and Frey and I had a busy weekend getting out and about in the sunshine. On Sunday afternoon, we had our first ever visit to the park and Frey went on the swings and on the slide – he absolutely loved it, and grinned and giggled away!

I had to take him off the swing after a short while as he got over confident and tried to stand up in it. Boys will be boys right? He’s going to turn me in to a nervous wreck when he’s older and I can’t just lift him out of danger any more – I can just see it happening!

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahil Gibran


Living Arrows

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  1. Debbie | 14th Mar 16

    Oh what a gem- I definitely think there are children who have superhero mindsets- my boys had to start swimming lessons at 2 because their fear of the water knew no bounds!
    Glad you’ve discovered a new place in time for the brighter weather.
    Debbie recently posted…Living Arrows 11/52My Profile

    • thesparklenest | 16th Mar 16

      Lol, I love the idea of ‘superhero mindsets’, what a wonderful way of putting it!

  2. Alison | 15th Mar 16

    Frey gets bigger every photo I see of him Becky! Are you managing the transition back to work ok? Its lovely to see Spring everywhere. Now if only the temps would shift a bit more to the warm side! My inner gardener can’t wait to get outside more.
    Alison recently posted…You Know Your From New Brunswick When ….My Profile

    • thesparklenest | 16th Mar 16

      Hello Ali! I know, it’s strange even just looking at photos from a few weeks ago how he’s changing into a proper little boy! Bless him, he’s still a baby when he wakes in the night and wants cuddles, although he’s getting to big to rock like I used to! I think we’re doing ok with the back to work and starting nursery thing, two days a week makes it much easier. I hope all is well with you :-) x

  3. Donna | 16th Mar 16

    He looks so happy and cheeky – that will be the first trip to the park of many I guarantee it! x
    Donna recently posted…We Are Finally Getting New CarpetMy Profile

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