Frey at 15 months

Frey at 15 months

My gorgeous little monkey turned 15 months old last week. He’s amazing, he really is. He’s got such a wonderful character and is so full of fun.

Frey and his colouring book

Yesterday I bought him a new colouring book. He’s not quite sure what to do with it, but does love playing with crayons. I’ve started taking him to a creative group for pre-schoolers on a Monday and we play with paint and glitter and generally get very messy.

Frey and his colouring book

He was in such a giddy mood and kept falling over, which was the funniest thing to him. His infectious giggles made me laugh too and we just looked at one another and laughed – such precious times!

Frey loves playing with his cars, and with his Fisher Price ‘little people’, which I’m pleased about as I love them too – they’re too cute!

I got him a duck pond for the garden (pound land – wonderful for treats for munchkins!) and he decided to climb in himself. He got very soggy, he didn’t mind.

Frey loves his pets. I mentioned a while ago about how his first word was ‘Bob’, our cat, and for a while everything was ‘Bob’. When we passed lambs in a field whilst out on a walk he pointed at them and said ‘Bob’. Today we were driving and I was in the back of the car, and Frey was sitting in his car seat in the front. He caught sight of me in the mirror, pointed at me, gave me a beautiful smile, and said ‘Mama!’. It melted my heart!

Frey loves the park and soft play. He scares me silly at his lack of fear. In just a month or so he’s gone from quietly playing in the ball pool at soft play to crawling off at the greatest speed and flinging himself down the slides before I can catch him. I needed a hot chocolate to recover from the shock! He’s not walking yet, and came home from nursery with grazed knees one day this week, because he just won’t stop moving! He loves nursery, he goes for two and a half days a week while I go to work, and he never wants to come home when I go to pick him up as he’s enjoying playing so much.

Sleeping baby

As for sleeping and eating – we have finally had a breakthrough! We were co-sleeping up until about a month ago, when pretty suddenly Frey decided he didn’t want to do that any more – and when I was around, it meant it was time to play. I was disturbing him whenever I went up to bed so I finally decided to try to move him to his own room. Now, most nights, he sleeps all night in his own cot, in his own room. He wakes pretty early in the mornings and then comes in with me for some morning milk and cuddles before we start the day. I think this has had a knock on effect to his eating during the day, as he has finally stopped waking for milk in the night then his appetite has improved. He still decorates the kitchen with half of his meals, but there is a definite improvement. Although I’m never feeding him weetabix again – that stuff is like concrete when you’re trying to clean it off the kitchen walls!

I’m so proud of my little munchkin, there is never a dull moment with him. He keeps me constantly exhausted, with a heart bursting full of love.


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