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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Love in the Mist

Love in the Mist

This is such a special summer. It’s one I’m sure Frey won’t remember, being only 17 months old, but it’s the last one where he will be an only child, before his little brother joins us in a few months time. I…

Hello third trimester..

Third trimester

This is going rather quickly… only 11 weeks to go until we have a new addition to the family and Frey becomes a big brother! I used to love reading pregnancy updates on blogs, and wished I had kept my own with my first pregnancy, but I didn&#8217…

Kidloland, the App for Preschoolers – Review and Giveaway


What is it with little ones and screens? Frey has been fascinated with the iPad since he was tiny, and he loves just playing with it and tapping the screen, grinning at me when the images move about! When I was contacted by Kidloland to see if Frey would like…