Hello third trimester..

Third trimester

This is going rather quickly… only 11 weeks to go until we have a new addition to the family and Frey becomes a big brother! I used to love reading pregnancy updates on blogs, and wished I had kept my own with my first pregnancy, but I didn’t quite get around to even starting my blog until Frey was four months old! And this pregnancy is going so quickly that I thought if I didn’t do a post now then baby would be here again before I got around to it.. so here we go.. for the home stretch…

28 weeks pregnant

What Fruit are you? I love this question, it reminds me of Denise and her baby book in the Royle Family. I don’t have a baby book,  I did the first time around but I gave them all to the charity shop. But google tells me that at 28 weeks, baby is the size of an aubergine.

Due date:  October 2nd 2016. It will be interesting to see what happens this time around – with Frey I was induced at 42 weeks.

How far along:  28 weeks and 3 days

Gender:  It’s a boy!

Total weight gain/loss:  What a cheeky question! If I’d answered this question first time around I’d say I didn’t know and it didn’t matter. This time it matters to me a little bit more, and I’ve gained a little more than I should have at this stage – I’m up 21 pounds already.

Exercise: What? Well.. I change Frey’s nappy, get him dressed, give him baths, carry him up the stairs, and go to work. Does any of that count?

Stretch marks: No stretch marks, I was lucky not to get any first time around either, although I religiously applied oils to my bump every morning and night! This time I’m using pure apricot oil.

Swelling: None – yet! At this stage last time I started swelling up like crazy, I had a proper moon face and my lips looked like I’d had bad botox, which didn’t settle down until a long time after I’d given birth. So far so good this time, but there’s still a way to go!

Maternity clothes: Yes I am wearing maternity clothes. The dress I’m wearing in the photographs here I last wore travelling back from Mauritius when I was around 20 weeks pregnant with Frey, it was lovely to be able to wear it again! However many of my clothes from last time don’t fit me because I was so HUGE by the end of my last pregnancy they’re all stretched, so I’ve had to get a few new basics.

Belly button: Hehe! As I type, it’s out!

Sleep: Thanks to my wonderful baby boy I am at last getting a solid chunk of sleep every night. And this past weekend I’ve had an afternoon nap with him too. I am so so tired at the moment and so grateful that Frey is sleeping well now. Although the past few days it’s started to get a bit more difficult to drop off and get comfortable, I still wake up in the morning wondering where I am and what day it is, so I assume I’m sleeping pretty deeply, even if it is only until about 5.30 am.

Food cravings:  Doughnuts and appletise. Doughnuts for goodness sake! May well have something to do with my higher than I would like weight gain. I’m hoping third trimester will bring a craving for something a little lower in calories. Lettuce maybe. I can’t get enough of appletise too. It’s quite difficult to find in the shops, so I was very happy the other day when I discovered multipacks in Morrissons – I bought three to stock up!

Symptoms:  I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t had many pregnancy symptoms, up until now, with the exception of a waddle and a bump. However I am now slightly low on iron so I’m experiencing dizziness and very low energy, and this week I’ve been stupidly emotional too. Steer clear of the crazy crying lady emotional. I do hope these symptoms pass and don’t stay with me for the next 3 months!

Movement: Lots of lovely movement, which I find so reassuring, I love every kick, even when they keep me awake at night!

What I miss:  The biggest thing I miss is being able to carry Frey in his sling. I keep trying, thinking it will be ok just for a short trip to the post office for example, but it hurts so much afterwards! I’ve tried a back and side carry but I really struggle to get these right on my own, so he’s in his pushchair for most of our trips out – and he’s not the biggest fan of this having been carried for most of his life!

What I’m loving:  Spending time with Frey while it’s just the two of us for just a short while longer. The quiet cuddles and the big fat kisses he’s recently started giving me.

What I’m looking forward to:  Maternity leave.. I’ve got 5 weeks left at work and then I’m hoping to get on with some creative projects before baby arrives. Or sleep, whichever happens..

Best moment this week: How happy I felt when these photographs were taken. I was picking flowers in a flower garden, it was blissful. Although I did shortly afterwards get stung by a bee right on my bump. I was ok, but of course the poor bee wasn’t. That was quite sad.

Words of wisdom: ‘You’re going to have your hands full’ is a common comment. ‘How will you cope’ is a less welcome one. ‘You are very blessed’ is my favourite, which came from my lovely post lady yesterday. She’s so right.

28 weeks pregnant


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  1. Ali Harriman | 16th Jul 16

    Well you look amazing Becky. I hope things continue to go well. October is a wonderful month to be borb in. Both my now grown children are October babies as is one of my grandchildren.

    Take care of you!

    • thesparklenest | 16th Jul 16

      Thank you so much Ali xx

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