Long summer weekends…

Somerset Lavender Farm

When I went back to work part time in March after maternity leave ended, I set my working days so that every weekend I had Friday to Monday off with Frey. So every single weekend is a four day one, which makes me so incredibly lucky, and very happy! I’m conscious now that time is passing so very quickly, with only 8 weeks to go until Frey’s little brother is due to arrive with us, and I really want to make the most of this time when there is just the two of us, or sometimes just the three of us as we often spend at least one day of the weekend with Frey’s Dad too, and it’s lovely to have family time together. Frey gets SO excited to see Daddy and Bilbo, our dog, who also lives with his Dad in Devon.



By Thursday evening, Frey and I are usually pretty tired after our busy week, so last Friday we had a lovely lazy day at home. After a morning of playing we both had a two hour nap on the sofa. This is time I will absolutely treasure, it was the best way to spend our day!

Somerset Lavender Farm

On Saturday, we took a little trip to Somerset Lavender Farm. We first visited at the same time last year and I was really looking forward to going back again. Cue more snoozing as Frey slept in his pram for most of our visit. I even got to sit down and have a cup of their white tea with lavender in the cafe before he woke up again!

Happy Sunflower

Sweet peas

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many sweet peas together as were at the lavender farm. I bought a couple of bunches from the shop and the fragrance in the car on the way home was almost overwhelming, in the nicest possible way! I absolutely love sweet peas but haven’t managed to grow my own this year, I was too late planting them and the slugs got to the seedlings! Maybe next year.

Sweet peas


Mor fragrance from this sweetly scented bed of phlox. I would love to plant flowers en masse like this for cutting in my own garden. Again, maybe next year!

Picnic in the park

On Sunday, we went for a picnic in the park. I laid out the picnic basket and plates of food, and must have forgotten I was sharing with a 17 month old.. it made for a very messy picnic! I’m not sure Frey ate very much at all but he loved tearing around the grass and the bandstand, and joining in with other people’s picnics and ball games!

More playing at home with this absolute bargain that I found on Ebay, the postman brought a giant box of Happy Land toys for Frey to play with. His excited ‘oooh!’ as we emptied out the box was so sweet.

Sound bowl

On Monday we took a trip to Glastonbury where Frey and Daddy had fun trying out these sound bowls. Frey looked so delighted with them. I wonder if they would work in calming down tantrums… they’re really very soothing!

And now we find ourselves in August already. This month Frey will turn 18 months old, my maternity leave will start, and we have a few exciting things planned. I’m really looking forward to a lovely month ahead.

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