Mindful Mama, Happy Baby

As I am about to embark on the great adventure known as ‘mama to two under two’ I was very excited to hear about the new release from Modern Books. Their new title ‘Mindful Mama, Happy Baby’ really is an absolute joy.

Mindful Mama, Happy Baby

Mindfulness seems to be bit of a buzz word at the moment. What does it actually mean? To me, it means focussing on and losing myself in the moment, just on the thing I’m doing right there and then, and clearing my head of all other thoughts. With the busy lives we all live, this is so difficult to do. I had a hypnobirthing session recently and whilst the relaxation I did was absolutely wonderful, it really brought home to me how difficult it is to just focus my mind on one thing. While I was relaxing into the meditation my mind kept drifting onto things like what I needed to pick up from the shops for Frey’s tea, and if I’d turned the hot water off before I’d left home that morning.

However, as the introduction to ‘Mindful Mama, Happy Baby’ tells us, parents have an advantage in living mindfully – the cry of a baby is engineered to make us focus on that one need in the here and now. This book is packed with easy mindful exercises to calm the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions and bring a little peace and perspective. There are mindful games to play, alongside activities to stimulate the senses, crafts projects to encourage creativity, and movement games that boost co-ordination. There are fun ways to get out and explore the world of nature through the seasons. And for quieter moments there are massages, yoga sequences and wind-down activities.

Mindful Mama, Happy Baby

The activities in the book follow a timeline, starting right from bringing home your newborn, right up to 3 years plus. It covers developmental milestones with activities to help your child develop through play and creativity. Frey and I have already tried the ‘bean bag throwing’ and ‘guess the sound’ games. When little brother arrives I look forward to trying ‘feeding focus’ which is a series of relaxation exercises to try whilst breastfeeding. The book even tells you how to swaddle, something I never did work out with Frey!

Mindful Mama, Happy Baby

I’m also excited to see outdoor activities to try when the babies are a little older, such as this Nature Collage.

‘Mindful Mama, Happy Baby’ is an absolutely delightful book that I can see the three of us dipping into for years to come. It would make a wonderful gift for a new parent too.

‘Mindful Mama, Happy Baby’ is written by Susannah Marriott and Maja Pitamic. Susannah Marriott is an author, editor and mother of three. Her books include Green Babycare, Natural Pregnancy and Pregnancy Herbal. Maja Pitamic has over fifteen years experience of teaching young children and holds a degree in Art History and Montessori Teacher Training. She is also the co-author of 3D Art Adventures, another book we love!

‘Mindful Mama, Happy Baby’ is published by Modern Books and will be released this Thursday, 25th August 2016. You can order Mindful Mama: Happy Baby online at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mindful-Mama-Techniques-Creative-Activities/dp/1906761833 or by telephone to the publisher’s warehouse, by calling 01256 302 692.

Disclosure. My copy of ‘Mindful Mama, Happy Baby was sent to me for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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