Frey at 18 months

It seems to have been 3 months since I last posted an update on Frey, and I can’t believe he is now 18 months old, 18 months seems like such a milestone! We were lucky enough to be on holiday in Devon on the day he turned 18 months old, staying with his Daddy, and we had a wonderful day out at Bicton Park, which is fantastic for little ones, including the under 5s. There was soft play, outdoor play areas, and I’m not sure which Frey would choose as his favourite, but it would be either the ice cream or the miniature railway (I can’t see the word miniature now without hearing it in my head the way Grandpa Pig would say it!)

Bicton Park

Frey loves anything with wheels. His ‘school report’ from nursery said that too! His favourite toys are his cars and trains, and he loves ride on toys too as you can see! He also loves phones, and often grabs the remote control and had a conversation on it. The conversation usually goes ‘Hello? Ooooh! Bye bye!’ and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. It’s so so cute. He might hand the ‘phone’ to me in the middle of this so I can also have a conversation on it which causes such glee before it’s Frey’s turn again!


Frey also loves slides, and will happily climb up again and again and again for a slide down! He also loves Daddy, as you can see, and our pets Bill (the collie) and Bob (the moggy). He gets SO excited with Bill and Bob, and will chase them around. They’re wonderful with him, both very laid back!

Frey on the swings

An ice cream to celebrate my 18 month birthday
An ice cream to celebrate my 18 month birthday

Frey loves ice cream. You would think that ice cream would be a very messy thing for a toddler to eat, but he does amazingly well with an ice cream cone! His eating in general is still a bit hit or miss though. He doesn’t throw his food quite as much as he used to, although that’s certainly not to say he doesn’t throw it. We went to a cafe earlier this week and his entire lunch ended up on the floor, topped off with his drink which he poured all over himself, I had to borrow a dustpan and brush and it caused such amusement to him watching me clear up the mess!

I still give Frey formula milk to drink, just at bedtime now, as it makes me feel more secure that he’s getting the nutrients he needs. However he does eat very well for the 2 and a half days he is at nursery, so I’m told, and he also comes home in the evenings after nursery days with quite an appetite!

Sleeping baby

As for sleeping, the breakthrough I mentioned in his 15 month update continues, and Frey is still sleeping for at least 12 hours each night in his cot in his own room. And I am still so, so grateful for this! Some days he doesn’t nap at all now, except for nursery days again, where they manage to get him to sleep for a couple of hours after he’s eaten his big healthy lunch. They’re magicians there, I’m sure of it! Building sandcastles

Frey still prefers to crawl rather than walk. He took his first steps at 16 months, and will practice at home in the living room, but if he needs to get somewhere quickly, then the speedy crawl will get him there! He’s very good at climbing too, today he had disappeared upstairs almost before I knew he had gone! He looked very proud of himself when I got up to catch him!


Frey in the sand

As for speaking, he’s come on quite a lot in just the last few weeks. As well as his telephone conversations we have ‘nana (banana), animal noises, tractor, tree, and nose! Today I asked him if he wanted some pepper, from my salad, and he oinked at me. Oops. He’s also quite a fan of Peppa Pig!

Happy 18 months to my beautiful baby boy. You’re amazing xxx

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