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At my last midwife appointment last week, I was gently reminded that I am nearly full term, and that I should probably start thinking about packing my hospital bag. I assured her it was on the list, and she said ‘I hope it’s near the top of the list!’. I have a vague memory of having my hospital bag packed way in advance last time, and having it sitting in the hallway ready. As due date came and went and Frey showed no signs of wanting to be born, we moved the bags upstairs as they were getting in the way. As for preparation such as getting Frey’s bedroom ready, I finally did that shortly after he turned a year old! I found it all a bit overwhelming, all the stuff that was needed before a new baby arrived, and I was very grateful for my Mum’s help in researching things like car seats and prams for me last time!

With baby two, luckily not so much stuff is required, but I still need to get ready and prepare for his arrival, so that’s what I’m doing this week, before I’m full term, 37 weeks, this coming Sunday. Although hopefully he will wait a little longer than that before he decides to join us.

Firstly, the hospital bag is now ready to go – and it’s not in the hallway this time getting in the way! Here’s what I’ve packed..

Hospital Bag for Mum

I’ve gone for two separate bags, one for me and one for baby, as of course baby’s bag won’t be needed while I’m in labour so it can just be put away for when he arrives. I’m using a little cabin bag sized suitcase, nice and compact and fits everything in nicely.

  • Fluffy socks – apparently your feet can get cold when you’re in labour, so I’ve packed my cosy fluffy slipper socks. I couldn’t feel any cold feet last time, I had an epidural, but it would be great if I could avoid that this time!
  • Maternity nightdress and robe – I’m a pj person at home, but I’ve treated myself to this maternity nightdress and robe for the hospital.
  • Maternity bras and nursing pads – I’ve gone for a seam free maternity and nursing sleep bra, which is lovely and comfortable.
  • Lip balm – an essential! Last time I managed to get through half a tube of lip balm during my 36 hour labour!
  • Toiletries – I’ve packed some mini toiletries, including a set from Child’s Farm. I use these on Frey usually, but they’re so gentle, and smell absolutely lovely, I thought it would be a nice treat to use them on myself while I’m in hospital.
  • Hairbands
  • Washcloth
  • Towel – I may replace this with one of a darker colour, I’ve added that to the list!
  • Maternity pads
  • Huge pants – I’ve gone for cotton pants in a size up, rather than disposables, as I’m not sure I like the idea of those.
  • Slippers – As I did last time, I treated myself to a new pair of fluffy slippers for shuffling about the ward in. I’ve gone for a larger size than I’d usually wear as my feet were very swollen for days after my last labour.
  • Aromatherapy Oil – I’ve packed my pregnancy aromatherapy oil from my Indigo Herbs Pregnancy Care Gift Set
  • Water spray – This is such a useful thing to have to cool and calm you in labour. Water sprays can be very expensive, but I was lucky enough to find this one in pound land.
  • Hairbrush

I’ve put a little note on top of the bag for things to pack on the day as I’ll need them between now and then, and these are..

  • Pyjamas
  • Pillow – I’m taking my maternity and nursing pillow, which I’ve put a colourful cover on so it doesn’t get lost amongst the hospital white pillows
  • Clothes to wear home – something loose and very comfortable. I have a feeling I wore my pyjamas home last time, which was a little embarrassing when the neighbours came out to meet Frey as we pulled up at our house!
  • A book (you never know, there may be some time to relax and read!)

I also need to get some sweets and energy drinks, as these were also handy to have in the bag.

Hospital Bag for Baby

For baby’s bag, I’ve used a changing bag. Baby’s things are all so tiny they fit nicely in a little changing bag!

  • 5 x vests
  • 5 x sleepsuits
  • Newborn nappies, wipes and nappy sacks. At home I use disposable wipes, but I ordered some ‘water wipes’ to start with for baby, as they will be easier to use in the hospital, and they’re lovely and gentle.
  • Baby blanket. As with everything else, this lovely soft blanket is a hand me down from Frey, it’s so exciting to be able to use it again.
  • Hat and cord tie. Now this is something special that I’ve bought especially for baby. I didn’t know about the existence of cord ties when I had Frey, and this one has been specially made for his brother, with a matching hat. It’s to replace the clamp that’s used where the umbilical cord has been cut, and I’ve asked my midwife to write in my birth plan that I would like to use it.

The other crucial thing I need to pack for baby is his car seat, as you can’t leave hospital without one! We have a maxi cosi pebble that Frey got a lot of use from, which is coming out again.

Handmade Baby Hat and Cord Tie

Frey helped me get out all of his newborn clothes to wash earlier this week, and I’ve realised that after these few that I’ve packed into the hospital bag, there aren’t many left! I think I gave many of his newborn clothes away to the refugee appeal when he had grown out of them, so I do need to add a few more things to my shopping list…

  • Newborn clothes
  • A dark towel for the hospital
  • Bedsheets for baby’s crib
  • Storage for baby’s clothes in my bedroom
  • A ‘big brother’ present for Frey

Shopping for baby when I live in a rural area is made so much easier by being able to shop online. I just write my list, then after Frey is in bed I can go onto the computer and order the things I need, and they turn up at the door a few days later. We’re so lucky to live in a modern age where we can shop like this! I’ve also ordered all of my maternity clothes online, as these are pretty much impossible to find in shops, especially where I live. If you’re interested in home shopping catalogues, have a look at where you can find a lot more information.

Were there any essentials that you packed into your hospital bag that I’ve missed from my list? What about essentials for a new baby? I do hope I don’t forget anything too crucial!

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