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I remember shopping for Frey’s arrival, it was crazy. I read so many blog posts, I even had a book entitled ‘What to buy for your baby’. I didn’t know the different between vests, sleep suits, baby grows, and as for prams and car seats, I was completely lost! All the little cute outfits looked the same to me, and I didn’t realise until we were dressing him to come home from hospital that I was putting him in a summer suit when it was February – he looked like he was going to the beach! Luckily I’d packed a blanket for him too! This time around of course has been so much easier. I have a good idea of what I will need, and with another baby boy on the way, many of Frey’s clothes will be reused, along with his first car seat and his sling.

I’ve bought a few new things for baby, some newborn outfits in a bundle from eBay, and a few orders from Mothercare for things like a changing mat and a newborn insert for the sling, and a friend has lent me a crib too which should see him through the first 6 months or so before I need to look for a big cot. However I’ve seen so many things that I’d love to try, but have refrained from buying to save some pennies.

Cuddledry Towel

The Original Cuddledry Bamboo Baby Apron Towel

“Cuddledry’s classic apron design means bathing your baby is safe and worry-free, and you’re protected from bathtime splashes.
It gives you two free hands to lift them out of the water and into a cuddle while you fold it round and slip its hood over their head. And there you are – the two of you snuggled close together in loving little moments you’ll treasure forever.”

This is something I remember seeing when I was shopping for Frey’s arrival, and didn’t think I needed. However now, after 18 months of bathing a baby, I think this is a fantastic idea! We have had a few bathtimes where I have actually worn my kitchen apron to help keep the splashes away, and I always get soaked lifting him out of the bath, and wrapping the towel around him is so awkward. Plus the towel is made from bamboo, which is such a luxurious fabric.

Baby Hammock

Poco Raw Cotton Baby Hammock

“The Poco Baby Hammock will give your baby a familiar sensation of its mother’s womb enabling your baby to relax, rest, and sleep. Many cultures throughout the ages have relied on this technique to comfort and sleep their babies, so baby hammocks are not new or original, they are however, becoming ever more popular in our society.

This Hammock has not only been designed to create a safe and perfect sleeping environment, but also to ease symptoms of colic and reflux. It also comes complete with a travel bag so your baby can have their own bed wherever you go.”

Of everything on my fantasy baby wishlist, this is the thing I was closest to buying. It looks so wonderful, and sleep is priceless! It has fantastic reviews for transforming baby’s sleep, and I love that it can also be used when travelling. When Frey was 5 weeks old we went to visit family for a weekend, and borrowed a travel ‘cot’ from some friends which was a basically a tent on the floor. He hated it, that was one of our completely sleepless nights and I remember the next day visiting family feeling like a complete zombie. I have resisted so far!

Aden and Anais Swaddles

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets

“The light, open weave is soft and breathable, allowing baby’s body temperature to regulate naturally, helping to reduce the risk of overheating. Each extra-large cloth measures 120 x 120cm, so you can swaddle with ease. Also suitable for use as burp cloths, pram covers, portable cot sheets, pushchair liners, tummy time blankets and more.”

Muslin cloths really are a new baby essential. Frey was quite a sicky baby, they were essential for every feed, and every moment in between, and we had a pile of them in each room of the house, along with about 3 in the change bag! I went for the most basic muslin cloths I could find, thinking that these fancy cloths were pretty but not necessary. I’m not sure I was completely right about that, and if money were no object I would stock up on piles of these beautiful Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. Even if you don’t swaddle your baby, there is a benefit to having extra large muslin blankets, they protect your clothes better, you can spread them out on the floor for baby to play on, also protecting your carpet, and they’re so soft, perfect for when baby falls asleep on your shoulder. Plus they’re just so pretty. Aden and Anais also make sleeping bags also in beautifully soft material, and these also make my fantasy wishlist!

Ewan the dream sheep

Ewan the dream sheep

“Ewan the dream sheep® emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink warm glow, which when combined, help settle babies and toddlers into a peaceful sleep.”

We did have a Ewan the dream sheep for Frey. He had the purple one. And the sounds from it will always remind me of those cosy, loved up, sleepy (and sleepless!) newborn days. I would love this grey version for his baby brother. Perhaps with some rechargeable batteries as well this time. As Frey got bigger, and the batteries ran out time and time again, we replaced Ewan with a free iPhone app. It wasn’t quite the same though.

Baby Teddy Bear Outfit

Bear Ears Fleece Romper 

Last but not least, how adorable is this romper from The White Company? You can’t beat a newborn baby in a snuggly suit with teddy bear ears! In fact, as this is a fantasy wishlist, I will add most of The White Company’s newborn outfits to it! So, so beautiful!

It’s important for me to say, none of these things really matter and my biggest wish is that my new baby is happy and healthy. He will certainly be very loved. And that’s all that’s important. But it’s still fun to window shop!

What would make your new baby fantasy wishlist?

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  1. Kim Carberry | 14th Sep 16

    Aww! So many lovely things….
    That Baby Hammock seems such a wonderful idea. I’ve seen nothing like that before x

    • thesparklenest | 14th Sep 16

      I don’t remember seeing it first time around either, it looks so lovely doesn’t it? :-)

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