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If you’ve read my ‘Introducing Alfie’  blog post then you’ll see that I was lucky enough to use aromatherapy during his birth, and the scent of lavender oil in the air, along with the sound of the water running into the birthing pool, really helped to transport me and my baby somewhere magical during my labour. I’ve always absolutely loved aromatherapy, and now I’m an even bigger fan than ever.

Today I’m happy to share a guest post by Jennifer Lander from the wonderful blog ‘Mindfulness Mama‘, who is sharing why lavender oil is actually magical…


“Keep calm and use lavender” should be your new mantra, because lavender is actually magical. It can’t help you conjure a dream home in the Bahamas, but it can help you do some pretty rad and versatile things around the house, especially with the kids. Afterwards, you can reward yourself with a Bahama Mama at the end of the day, lavender optional.

Witches, modern and ancient, note lavender for its herbal properties and lore surrounding protection, wishes, love, sleep, visions, purification and clarity of thought. Herb wise, lavender includes many properties from antiseptic to sedative.

Lavender is a gentle mint plant, safe for children, with practical uses from skincare needs to cleaning house. Infuse a little magic into your life with lavender’s more practical uses.

Enhance Your Home Remedy and Skincare Arsenal  

Lavender essential oil is the big kahuna of essential oils for home remedies, especially skin care. A few properties of lavender include anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antifungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Lavender helps manage pain from acne to dermatitis to nosebleeds. Put diluted lavender oil on a cut or skin irritation to soothe the wound, encourage healing, kill bacteria and stop bleeding.

Lavender is also an ally for beauty care. Balance dry and oily skin with a lavender face wash. Apply diluted lavender essential oil to a stubborn zit. Use water or coconut oil to dilute. If you’d like an easy beauty project to do with the kids, make lavender lip balm.

Drift Off to Sleep

The effects of lavender, through aromatherapy or drinking its tea, are beneficial for sleep. The dreamy scent of lavender will help you drift off to slumber.

Make your own lavender sachet and insert it into your pillow case for soothing dreams and a sounder sleep. Add lavender to your tea or a simple homemade syrup for savory desserts.

Bury Anxiety-Causing Drama

Lavender’s sedative and calming properties may also be used in a mindful practice to release any stress or drama wrecking havoc in your life. Often, your own perspective is the only thing you can control.

Create a soothing ritual by combining meditation and lavender tea. Have a lavender tea party with your little one to teach them that distressing is important and can be fun, too. Build your own refuge by planting a Zen garden with calming herbs like lavender. A small distress ritual is important to bring you back to your calm center.

Banish Bugs

Mint plants help keep bugs away from the home, and lavender banishes mosquitoes, moths, fleas and flies. Plus, it smells amazing! Consider the following bug-repelling tips:

  • Plant lavender alongside pathways and patios
  • Line lavender outside of doors and windows
  • Place lavender on kitchen countertops and near windows
  • When lavender overgrows in your garden, cut a bunch and suspend upside down indoors

Cleanse Your House 

Use the cleansing antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of lavender to clean your house with homemade cleaning products.

Consider a DIY mopping solution that uses lavender, lemon and other natural ingredients to clean and protect laminate, wood and tile floors. Add lavender oil to a solution of vinegar and water for an all purpose antibacterial cleaner, especially for streak-free windows and mirrors.

Purify the Atmosphere

Aromatherapy with lavender oil works to naturally relieve anxiety and stress and boost your mood. Burn natural lavender oils and incense in the home or invite lavender indoors. Bringing lavender plants into the house will naturally cleanse the air and deter bad smells.

Lavender is effective and versatile for everyday use. Your friends and family may think you’re crazy at first, but soon they’ll see the magic in lavender — just like you did. Keep calm, and use lavender!

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