Our bedtime routine

As Mama to a toddler and a newborn, sleep is now back at the top of my wish list! I’ve written before about how Frey wasn’t a great sleeper, to put it mildly, when he was a baby, and about all the different things I tried to help him to sleep.

I am so happy that when he hit around 14 months old, we had a sudden breakthrough, and now he sleeps through the night in his own room. Which is even more helpful now I’m up for half the night with my nocturnal newborn! Being a toddler who has seemingly unlimited energy though, he still fights bedtime every night, so the bedtime routine is so important for us.


Baby Bath

We start the routine with bath time. It’s only recently that we’ve had a bath so regularly, as I don’t like to use too many products on Frey’s skin, but since he’s been walking, out throwing sticks for the dog in the field, plus refusing to wear a bit at tea time so often covered in food too, bath time has become non negotiable! Plus I love putting him to bed all clean with his hair all lovely and fluffy!


I was recently sent these bubble baths from Infacare to try, and they’re lovely to use at bed time. Infacare is recommended by hospital professionals and midwives, and is pH balanced to be kind to babies skin. It produces lots of gentle bubbles which are great for playing in! The original baby bath has a lovely powdery ‘baby’ fragrance, and the night-time baby bath has a calming ‘oriental’ fragrance, great for relaxing your little one into sleepy time.

You can read more about Infacare on their website.


Baby massage

As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely love aromatherapy, and I still like to massage Frey after his bath and before bed. I use a very gentle blend of lavender oil in a base oil. I also use a ‘magic mist’ which is a room spray with Lavender, Angelica and Sweet Orange, in his nursery.

Cosy Sleepwear 

Sleeping bag

This seems to be the magical bit for Frey, the next stage is to put him into his sleepwear. We still use a sleeping bag for him in the cooler months. After the combination of a fragrant bath, a little aromatherapy massage, and some cosy pyjamas or his sleeping bag, Frey is usually rubbing his eyes ready for sleep!

We then finish off with his bedtime milk and a lovely cuddle, then it’s time for sleep…


Good night Frey!

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  1. Clifford Henderson | 16th Nov 16

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