Transform your Baby’s Nursery into a Toddler’s Haven

During your pregnancy, you probably spent months creating a beautiful nursery that would cater to your baby’s every need. But now your baby has grown into an adventurous toddler, it might not be as fit for purpose as it once was. You might be lacking in space and storage or no longer use some of the furniture. There comes a time when every baby’s nursery needs to be updated to something more age appropriate. But it can still be a beautiful, safe haven where your toddler can learn and play. Here are some changes you can make to your nursery to create a more grown-up room for your child to enjoy.

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Buy a toddler bed

If your toddler can climb out of their crib with ease, you should seriously consider buying a toddler bed. Toddler beds are positioned low to the ground which can prevent any nasty falls from occurring. They also come in an array of colours and styles to suit a range of different decors. Your toddler can use this bed until they are four or five, which makes it a worthwhile investment to make. Visit and other bed retailers to see what designs are available. You should also look for colourful bedding that will entice your toddler to use their new bed too.

Make more space

A lack of space can be restricting and unsafe for a toddler. So making more of it should be a top priority. Remove any furniture, equipment or toys that are taking up your valuable space. These should be items neither you, or your toddler need or use. This can help to enhance your existing space, giving your toddler more room to play and explore. It can also make the room feel less cluttered which can make your child feel more at ease. If the items you remove are still in good condition, you can sell them on eBay or Gumtree. But see and other courier websites first to see how much transportation is likely to cost.

Add accessible storage

To encourage your toddler to be more independent, you need to include accessible storage within this room. You can position hooks on the walls where they can reach them. You can use these to store clothing, bags or toys. You can also store soft toys in plastic bins or baskets around the room. These can get your toddler interested in tidying up once they have finished playing. If your toddler loves storytime, also make sure their books are placed somewhere they can reach too. Toddler sized bookcases, and low shelves are ideal for this. Having this accessible storage will make this room more interactive for your child and encourage them to play even more.

The key to making this transition as successful as possible is by creating a space that is both safe and fun. Your toddler needs a room that allows them to express themselves but also protects them from harm. So keep this in mind throughout the process to get the best outcome possible.

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