7 Unmissable tips you need to keep your home tidy (When you are a workaholic!)

It might not surprise you that we spend more time at work than we do at home. After all, our work life often takes over. And if you are so busy with work, it can be hard to find time to keep your haunts tidy. It means when you do have a chance to sort things out, it often takes you hours to get your home clean. Here are seven unmissable tips you need to keep your home tidy when you are a workaholic!

Always tidy up straight after dinner

When we are busy, the last thing we want to do is the dishes. But if you leave a couple on the side, it can soon turn into a big pile. To ensure you avoid a bucketload of washing up, you should always tidy up straight after dinner. Allow yourself a couple of minutes to clean the plates and cups. And then dry them and put them away before you head out of the kitchen. It will help you in the long-run if you do cleaning after meals. And if you have space, consider investing in a dishwasher. You can fill the machine during the day and turn it on after dinner! That way, you will have plenty of clean tableware ready to use!

Lay the bed in the morning

There’s nothing worse than getting home after a long day and finding the bed unmade. After all, it makes the room look messy, and it can clutter your thoughts. To help you keep your home tidy, you should ensure you make the bed first thing in the morning. It will ensure your bedroom looks neat when you get home. And it will kickstart your productivity for the day!


Sort the fridge while you are cooking dinner

It’s so important to keep on top of the refrigerator. After all, if food stays in there for ages, you might end up with pests before long! They will be attracted to food which has started to rot! Therefore, you should clear out your fridge while you are waiting for your dinner to cook. After all, it’s just a time where you might have browsed your social media or watched the television. Therefore, do something productive and sort out your fridge. Remember to give the shelves a wipe down just in case there is any leftover food or juice which is causing the fridge to stink!

Hire a professional cleaning company

When you are so busy with work, it can become a challenge to take care of your property. And unless you want to live in squalor, it’s necessary to get a helping hand. Many professional cleaning companies offer a house cleaning service. They can come once or twice a week to make sure your home looks great. You can even give them a list of areas you need working on. That way, you won’t have to worry about making time to clean your humble abode.

Buy a smart washing machine 

To make life easier when you are a busy worker, you should consider buying a smart washing machine. That way, you can control your washing machine from your phone. Therefore, you can set it automatically to wash your clothes at a particular time of the day. And if you decide against a wash on a particular day, you can change it from the comfort of your work desk!

Rehang your clothes at the end of the day 

I don’t know about you, but I often leave my clothes sitting on the end of the bed. But if you do this, you will soon have a whole lot of clothes to hang up at the end of the week! And you will have to go through them one by one to see what is washing! Therefore, go through them at the end of the day and hang up items which can be worn again. And move everything else to the laundry basket, so that it’s ready to be washed!

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Sweep before bed 

It’s easy for crumbs to end up on the kitchen floor by the end of the day. But if you just leave it, you could wake up to say hello to ants. Therefore, give your kitchen a quick sweep before you head to bed. That way, any mess will be removed before you get up the next day! It will only take you five minutes but will be worth it in the long-run.

And make sure you have homes for everything. Otherwise, it can get pretty messy if there is tons of clutter in your property. And as this article says, if there is no home for something, it’s time to put it in the bin!


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