Homemade Book Advent Calendar

Happy 1st December! We had a lovely start to this morning. Firstly both the boys slept in until 8.30, and we drove to nursery through a winter wonderland, singing along to Christmas songs (well I was anyway!) There is a thick frost out there and the temperature was -4 as the sun was just starting to break through the mist. But before that, Frey got to open his advent calendar.

This time last year Frey was only 9 months old, so he was a little young for an advent calendar, but this year I wanted to do something a bit special for him. He really loves books, and will spend ages selecting a book, then bringing it over to me and sitting on my lap while we read it. It’s a really special cosy time with an otherwise complete whirlwind of a toddler!

Homemade Book Advent Calendar

I didn’t want to spend too much money, so my plan was to look for books throughout the year in charity shops, so he could unwrap one a day throughout December. I managed to collect a few from charity shops, but then I ordered a few more online from The Works which had some great special offers on children’s books. I got 10 story books including lots of Christmas stories for £10.

Homemade Book Advent Calendar

As well as story books, Frey enjoys ‘First Word’ books as he can interact with them more, so I got a few sets of little ‘first word’ books too which I split up and wrapped individually. I’ve wrapped them in brown paper with red twine, and a tag on each day counting down the sleeps left until Christmas!

Book Advent Calendar

Frey was very excited to open his first book this morning, which was ‘Peppa Pig goes skiing’, which we had to read straight away! I’m really looking forward to doing this each morning in the run up to Christmas.

Homemade Book Advent Calendar

For Christmas Day, we’ve got a very special treat.. one of my favourite Christmas stories. I remember watching this when I was little on Christmas morning and it all felt so magical..

Handmade book advent calendar

And this one was a brilliant 25p charity shop find!

When I was thinking about making this advent calendar, I did think that 25 new books is quite a lot, but the great thing about it is that the Christmas stories can be put away and brought out again next year, with a few new additions. It took a long time to wrap all these books, but it’s pretty exciting to have a basket of gifts beside the fireplace.

The next job is to put up the Christmas tree, I’m definitely getting excited! Are you feeling festive yet?

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