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Sometimes, when you’re decorating a room, it can feel as though you’ve got everything in place, but it just isn’t coming together. It can feel as though something is missing, or two-dimensional, even when you’ve got everything in that you could possibly want. If you’re currently experiencing this with a room in your home, have a look through this list and see if there’s anything you can add to complete a look, and add a touch of luxury at the same time.


Single species flower in minimalist vases well placed within the space can really bring a room together while also being opulent and beautiful. You don’t have to fork out a lot, white roses or peonies from the supermarket could be all it takes.


This is important to your entire home, from the attic to the living room. The lighting in a space can make or break it so easily. Bright lights can wash out the colours in a room and aren’t exactly conducive to relaxation. Fit dimmer switches to your overhead lights to give you more control over the ambiance. For a really romantic, subtle glow in the evening, opt for low-watt lamps that give off a warm light.


Every home needs art on the walls. It adds points of interest to otherwise plain walls and offers a talking point for guests. Make sure you choose something that suits you and your space. Spend some time browsing art for sale online, and ensure you get something you love, not just something for the sake of it. A top tip is if your piece of art looks too small for the space you allocate for it, move it off-centre intentionally – the negative space to the side becomes part of the look.


Greenery adds texture and depth to a room, without costing too much or looking too imposing. A few well-placed plants of varying styles and size can make a room feel softer and more natural.


If you’re completely stuck for ideas on how to pull a room together, throw in a couple of mirrors with attractive frames. The reflections of other parts of the room will make it feel like more of a cohesive space, and they’ll also make your room feel larger and brighter. 

Big cushions

Small sofa cushions have a tendency to look shop bought and sometimes a little bit out of place. Vary the sizes of your cushions, but also try to include some large and fluffy ones. The variety of textures give depth, and big cushions are a very luxurious addition to your room.

Repeat patterns

If all else fails, repeat chosen patterns around the room. If you have stripes in your rug, choose stripes for your curtains or lampshades. It will draw the room together even if nothing else seems to work. Remember to layer too, sometimes less isn’t more, and a room can feel grander and richer if you layer textures, and put in the odd unexpected touch.

Just don’t forget – it’s your living space, so allow your personality to shine through. Keep rearranging things, add more points of interest and soft furnishings, and you’ll eventually stumble on something you love. Happy decorating!

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