Frey at 22 months

The night Frey became a big brother seemed to be the night he stopped being a baby and became a little boy. It won’t be long before he is two years old and he really is the most adorable whirlwind of a toddler!

In the last update I posted, when he had just turned 18 months, I talked about how he still preferred to crawl rather than to walk, but had at last started taking his first steps. Shortly after that, we took him to get measured for his first pair of shoes – and that was it. He fell in love with his new shoes, he even took them to bed with him that first night, and whenever he was wearing them, he walked! He started to bring them to me shouting ‘shoes’ meaning he wanted to go out and try out his new skills! Since those first steps which were only a few short months ago, he’s doing amazingly well. He can walk up and down the stairs now too, and going out for long walks is one of his favourite things to do.

He’s spend a few weekends staying with Daddy in Devon, who takes him and Bilbo out for long walks on the moors. As you can see, he absolutely loves it. He’s a proper little outdoor adventurer.

Whilst I don’t take him for hikes across moors, we regularly go for walks in the park and often with some of his little pals. It’s adorable to see them running off together hand in hand.

Yes, that’s chocolate on his face.. one of Frey’s favourite things – but there aren’t many people who don’t love chocolate!

Christmas Dinner

Here he is about to tuck into his Christmas dinner.. although the picture is quite deceptive, as he needed to be fed it. Frey is still not a great eater. I was a little worried about him recently as I think he has lost a little bit of weight. Just as in his 18 month update, he eats very well on the days he goes to nursery, but there are still days when he is at home where the only things he will eat are yoghurt and fruit, and perhaps a little bit of toast. Although he probably did manage about half of his Christmas dinner here, including the sprouts, so I was pretty proud of that, as I don’t think I’ve cooked a ‘roast’ since last Christmas! (We had a roast dinner with ‘fake’ turkey this year, it was pretty yummy!)

Frey loved Christmas. I’ve heard that Christmas gets so much more exciting when you have children, and it’s definitely true. Here he is putting the star on the top of the tree, with a bit of a helping hand from Daddy!

His language is improving daily, he’s regularly coming out with new words and you can almost have a little conversation with him. He certainly is a chatterbox! The book advent calendar that I made for him turned out to be wonderful for his development, and as a result we now have a story at bedtime as part of our routine, and he was so excited to open a new book before bed each day. Talking of bedtime, he’s still a fantastic sleeper, and still sleeps for at least 12 hours throughout the night… sometimes up to 15 hours!

Frey’s favourite thing in the world though, is his little brother. He is always full of kisses and cuddles for him, it’s beautiful.

I’m so excited to see how my biggest boy changes throughout 2017, and to see my boys play together as Alfie gets bigger.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas time!

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