Three easy ways to make an extra £500 each month

I’ve always been interested in how people can make money online. And of course, since reducing my hours at work to juggle childcare, this is something I’ve been looking into more and more. There seem to be so many scams out there though, and I admit I’ve been burnt in the past by believing something that really was too good to be true. Last summer I discovered ‘The Money Shed’ which is an online forum full of people who are trying to make and save money. It’s full of good advice and in the six weeks that I really put the effort in to online money making, I made about £500. Then Alfie arrived and I haven’t done anything since.. but I know that there are things out there that work. I wanted to share some of this with you in my blog, but really I’m not an expert, so instead I have something even better for you.. a guest post from someone who is!

Over to Jon…

How to make an extra £500 a month

When you’re a parent money can always be tight. It doesn’t matter how well you plan each month something always seems to crop up! It could be a house repair or a sudden bill but somehow the plans you had around money at the start of the month never seem to quite come true by the end.

Luckily it’s 2017 and there are lots of ways we can make surviving the month a bit easier by earning that bit more from home and i’m going to show you 3 easy ways to make an extra £500 each month!!

Just a quick introduction before we get started. My name is Jon and I run The Money Shed. It’s the UKs largest community website dedicated to earning money from home and we’re chocked full of thousands

1 – Reviewing Websites

Do you ever use a website and think ‘I think this page could look a lot better!’ – well now you can earn money in just that way! WhatUsersDo are a company that pay £8 per website device and £15 per mobile website review (so one you review for them on your phone or tablet). The reviews take around 15mins and involve talking into a mic connected to your laptop as you go about using the site. Typically you get given instructions like ‘go to the website and go through the experience of finding a blue jumper’. You would talk about what you like on the pages or how you feel things could be laid out better. It’s a fantastic earner and you can earn a good amount each month!

2 – Online Mystery Shopping

A lot of people think mystery shopping involves going out and about but there’s actually a company that let you do the entire thing from home. eDigitalResearch is a company where you get given a UK ONLINE high street website to go to and place an order. You then document that whole experience from using the site through to the quality of the packaging when the item arrives. You get the cost of the item covered and you can generally either keep it or return it for a refund (you still get that money either way!) and of course there is a fee for your time on top of that so it can work out quite well financially. Work tends to come in waves and when I’m doing work for them I tend to clear around £100 a month from them without any trouble!

3 – Smartphone Apps

Do you own a smartphone? If so did you know you can earn some SERIOUS cash with it! Grab that phone and head to the App Store / Google Play Store and download these apps!

Task360 (Apple Only)
Field Agent (Apple Only)

These amazing apps will pay you around £5-£10 (sometimes more) to do little tasks for them. The tasks could involve taking a photo of an outside billboard near you or going into your local Tesco and taking a photo of the diet coke shelf. The tasks take a matter of minutes to do and you get paid a lot for them. Some people actually do this sort of work full time and make over £1000 each month!

So I hope these small bits of advice can make things a bit easier for you all at home financially. If you wanted to come over to The Money Shed and join in with our HUGE forum which is chocked full of parents helping other parents out and earn more from home than they ever thought possible then please do head on over as we’d love to have you!

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  1. Alison | 12th Jan 17

    I’ve heard of Mystery Shopper, but had no idea they had branched out into online as well. Great article Becky. I may try a few myself, just for a few extra ££. How are Frey and Alfie these days? Getting bigger all the time I bet. When do you go back to work?

    Ali x

    • thesparklenest | 17th Jan 17

      Hi Ali! It’s worth a try, I do a few little things and it all adds up. The boys are amazing, and yes, getting bigger too quickly, Frey is nearly 2! I hope all is well with you x

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