New Year Goals 2017

I do love a New Year. I am incredibly lucky that this is the third year in a row I’ve been on maternity leave in January… I didn’t quite plan it like that, but it’s worked out very well! Years ago, I’d write long lists of ‘resolutions’ that inevitably got forgotten about by the second week of January, just like many other people I’m sure! I’m thinking that as it’s half way through January already as I write down these goals, then that must be a positive sign? A year is also a very long time. A lot can happen in a year, so to make goals for the whole year would be a little overwhelming. So as January began, with the usual colds and snuffles, three goals have come to me, and they’re a good start I think.

New Year Goals


I’ve had ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’ on my (horribly cluttered) bookshelf for a very long time, untouched. Two weeks ago something inspired me to pick it up and read it, and I somehow managed to finish it all in a day! It’s an interesting book, and I began reading it with a feeling of excitement, that, as Marie Kondo suggests, once I put my house in order, then I will change my life! The book talks about a method for decluttering which involves starting with all your clothes. This wouldn’t have been a good start for me, as if I was to throw out every item of clothing I own that didn’t fit me, I’d be left with just the maternity leggings and huge oversized jumpers that I’m currently sporting. So instead I enthusiastically got out a bin bag and Frey and I attacked the kitchen drawers, as they were the closest thing to hand at the time. I spent until 3am decluttering my kitchen and took a whole car load to the tip, including things like a broken juicer which was taking up an entire cupboard. I ordered the ‘L’art de la Simplicity’  -how to live more with less, and I started a pinterest board full of inspirational minimalist homes.

After my enthusiastic start, I was pretty tired. I don’t really recommend staying up until 3am decluttering when you have two babies to look after, including one who wakes about 3 times a night for feeds. Also, after finishing the book, I started to think that maybe it was a little extreme for me. I quite like my clutter, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Only that I have a little too much of it, and that it really stresses me out when I can’t see the floor in certain rooms. So tidying is still a goal of mine, although a minimalist lifestyle.. perhaps not! So far I’ve ‘decluttered’ another car load to the recycling centre and another to a charity shop, and sold a few things on Facebook groups too. I’ve also reorganised all of Frey’s toys in the living room so now they all have homes, and tidying up is much easier. I can now fit my hoover into the cupboard it’s supposed to live in. It’s going to be a slow journey, but I’m excited for the end result!


Healthy diet

I mentioned in my ‘Coping as a single Mum of 2 under 2‘ post that my diet recently has been terrible. I’ve been living on convenience foods and my addiction to crisps has well and truly returned! I know how to eat healthily, I was eating a great diet probably up until the third trimester of my pregnancy with Alfie, so I need to get back to it, and I really want to get back to it too. Previously, in order to ‘reset’ my eating habits, I’ve done juice fasts. I think I’ve completed three in total, a 7 day one and two 5 day fasts. I wrote about a 5 day fast I completed using Jason Vale’s plan here. That post was in August 2015, so it’s been a while since I’ve felt I needed a ‘reset’! As I write, I’m on day 9 of Jason Vale’s ‘Big January Clean Up’, which is a 14 day plan. I’ll write more about it in another post, but I’m quite pleased as it’s the longest I’ve ever juiced for and I really am craving healthy foods again now.

Red Peppers


This is tied in with my healthy diet goal of course, but really I mean more cooking of healthy fresh foods for Frey. Frey is a very picky eater, but when he started weaning I used to cook everything from scratch for him, I even made my own bread. I will be starting the weaning journey with Alfie before too long, so why not get back into cooking now? I’ve dusted off some of my baby cookbooks for inspiration, and so far so good. He loved the vegetable pasta that I made him, and yesterday I made some vegetable fritters which were actually stuffed with veggies, and he loved those too! The only thing he’s refused was the pea and asparagus risotto, but I guess asparagus is an acquired taste! I will keep trying.

So that’s it for now. There are many more things I would like to achieve this year, but I think if I can get on top of these three goals to start with then I’ll feel much better and ready to take on more!

How are you getting on with your goals so far?

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