Fabulous Baby Inventions from Nuby – Review and Giveaway

Back at the end of December, it was a normal early evening at our house, where we were just entering ‘The Witching Hour’ – this hour is probably well known to parents of toddlers, it usually falls from 4pm onwards, when they’re a bit tired, a bit bored, a bit hungry. It’s a little too early for tea time and the toys are holding no interest… I was trying to stop Frey from playing with his brother a bit over-enthusiatically when there was a knock at the door… it was a courier with a giant box of goodies from NubyUK. We were saved! This fantastic parcel kept Frey happy right up until bedtime and beyond.

Frey, Alfie and I are brand reps for Nuby UK, and they sent us a parcel of joy, full of fabulous baby inventions for us to review. Here is how we have been getting on..

Nuby Bottles

Nuby Natural Touch Bottles, Anti Colic Bottles and UberSoothers

Firstly, the Natural Touch bottles are really very cute, covered in hearts and starts, with the quote ‘I love you to the moon and back’. They come with a super soft teat which Nuby say is inspired by the shape, texture and natural flex of mum’s breast encouraging babies to latch-on more easily for a less stressful and happier feeding time. The easy latch teat has 3 advanced valves allow air to flow back into the bottle for a continuous feed and contented baby.

Alfie was only 2 months old when these bottles arrived and I was still feeding him expressed milk. I was actually having some problems with the flow of the bottles I was using, they seemed to have too fast a flow for such a little baby and he was often gagging on his milk making feeding time quite stressful for him, so I was pleased to have these new Nuby bottles to try. They have been brilliant – I love the chunky shape of them and Alfie has fed very well from them right from when we first used them. I am so impressed with the teats, he seems to latch onto them so well and his problems with milk flowing too fast were solved. As I write my review he is now nearly 4 months old and is still doing so well with these teats. I love these bottles so much I’m going to order the next size teat for when he is ready, I can see them lasting us a long time.

The box of bottles also comes with a Nuby Snoozies, which is a very cute little monkey to attach onto a soother, also included in the box. Again, the soother has the ‘cherry’ shape to it, again that Alfie seems to favour. The parcel also contained an extra pack of two of Nuby’s UberSoothers, which are suitable for babies from 0-18 months. I find that using a soother helps calm Alfie down when he is suffering with the painful wind that babies often get – he loves them.

Nuby Soother

Baby Products from Nuby

Snug N Dry Milk Feeding Bibs

Also included for Alfie was a pack of two ‘Snug N Dry’ Milk Feeding Bibs. I find that tiny babies don’t really get dirty like toddlers do, with the exception of under the chin where all those milk dribbles gather! I remember seeing these bibs when Frey was a baby and really wanting to give them a try, and they really are great. Alfie seems to find them really comfy, and they do protect his clothes, meaning less changing and washing! I keep one in my changing bag and one on the bedside table for night feeds.

Nuby Icy Bites Keys

Icy Bites Keys

These are an incredible invention. I actually had a set of these when Frey was a baby, and I recommended them recently to a new mum at baby massage class, so I was so happy to get a set for Alfie too.

Nuby says..

Nuby’s Icy Bite Keys Teether has multiple teething surfaces to help relieve the discomfort of sore and tender gums. They are easy for little hands to hold and uses PureIce Gel, which stays cooler for longer compared to water filled teethers.  Place in the fridge (only) for cooling the gel.

Advised for younger babies around 3 months of age with the on-set of teething.  Encourages oral motor skills, helping the development of lips, tongue, jaw and the hard and soft palates.  The movement of which are very important in speech development, safe swallowing and consuming various textures.

These were one of the first things Alfie grabbed on his own, and Frey had great fun handing them to him to play with! Alfie hasn’t started teething yet but I know that these were invaluable when Frey was teething, we took them everywhere with us.

Nuby Toddler Products

360 Maxi No Spill Cup and Sure Grip Feeding Bowl

I’d never seen a cup like this, and it’s another brilliant invention, this time for a toddler. Frey can drink from it as though he is drinking from a ‘grown up’ cup, but it’s got a clever ‘no-spill’ design. It comes apart completely and comes with it’s own cleaning brush so it’s easy to keep clean, and it has quickly become Frey’s favourite cup!

Nuby 360 Cup

As for the bowl – wow, Nuby have invented something that stops Frey launching his bowl of food across the room. It’s a fantastic bowl, which not only sticks to the tray of the high chair, but is made from insulating silicone which helps the food stay warmer for longer, and is both oven and microwave safe. Brilliant, I wish I’d discovered it sooner.

Nuby Bath Toy

Bathtime Submarine

Saving Frey’s best for last, he loves this bath time submarine. It’s got a string which you pull and then let the submarine whizz through the water, which my toddler is happy to do over and over again. So much so, I’ve been able to comb the knots out of his mane of hair a lot more easily with the submarine to distract him!

Believe it or not, this is just a really small selection of the products that are available from Nuby. If you have a little one I’d really recommend you visit their website.. you may just find something that solves a problem or two, or three…!

Nuby have also kindly provided a second giant box of goodies, exactly the same as the one I received, as a prize to one of my readers. If you would like to be in with a chance of winning, you can enter using the rafflecopter below. The giveaway will run until midnight on Sunday 12th February 2017. Good Luck!


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  1. Cara Bemrose-williams | 6th Feb 17

    Icy bites keys as my son is teething again!!

  2. Carrie goodin | 6th Feb 17

    Nuby Natural Touch Bottles, Anti Colic Bottles and UberSoothers

  3. Amy Espley | 8th Feb 17

    I’d love to win this bundle. The bottles would come in handy for us!
    Amy Espley recently posted…Slimfast 3.2.1 Plan | Week OneMy Profile

  4. Carly | 8th Feb 17

    I really need to get a 360 no spill cup for my daughter. I keep giving her an open cup but she’s not ready for it yet. Water ends up all over the table!

  5. Gemma Vaughan | 8th Feb 17

    I always loved the Nuby teethers

  6. Fiona Evans | 8th Feb 17

    I would love to try the natural touch baby bottles! Although all looks wonderful! <3 xx

  7. Kate Andrews | 8th Feb 17

    I love the Ubersoother from the bundle as my little girl having suffered from colicvwhen she was born still has trouble with gas and passing motion so hopefully this will help, I also noticed when I looked them up that they have bumps around the base which would also help with my daughters teething esp as she’s too young to hold teethers in her mouth at the moment x

  8. Amelia hocking | 8th Feb 17

    I would love to win my boy this bundle he hasaid always lovedo your produce couldn’t fault any just a amazing supplier 😊

  9. Jenn | 8th Feb 17

    Great product review! I wanted to know how their bottles compare! x

  10. Celine Walker | 8th Feb 17

    We absolutely love nuby products, we have used the bottles from day 1 my little boy took to them straight away, what a lovely giveaway. We are coming up to one now and love the nuby feeding range. X

  11. Johanna | 8th Feb 17

    Id love to win this prize for my lil girl we love all the nuby stuff

  12. Sinead Kelly | 8th Feb 17

    I’d love to win ❤ I have a 17 month old and I’m due my second in July

  13. Kerrie mccaffery | 9th Feb 17

    Would love to try all of this especially the bottles as my baby has colic an reflux

  14. Lucy | 9th Feb 17

    Definitely the bibs & bath toys 👍🏻

  15. Hannah Scudder | 9th Feb 17

    Love the look of the bottles, very handy

  16. donna l jones | 9th Feb 17

    bibs & bath toys

  17. michelle thompson | 10th Feb 17

    the nuby baby bottles

  18. Donna C | 10th Feb 17

    We love bath toys do the submarine would be fantastic!

  19. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) | 10th Feb 17

    The bibs would come in handy!

  20. Paula Phillips | 10th Feb 17

    The bottles would come in very handy as my baby is due next month and I haven’t bought any yet.

  21. HAYLEY TURNER | 10th Feb 17

    Nuby super grip bowl as my little one is nearing weaning age now

  22. Erin Thomas | 11th Feb 17

    Definitely the Nuby baby bottles.

  23. Bernice Cockrell | 11th Feb 17

    Nuby natural touch baby bottles

  24. Danielle Pooley | 11th Feb 17

    The Icy bites keys would be really helpful for my niece, as she’s teething.

  25. tee simpson | 11th Feb 17

    the submarine bath toy would help me most as my little one isnt very keen on the bath at the mom. hopefully a new toy would help

  26. Lorna Wils | 11th Feb 17

    the bibs and Icy bites keys would be my top!

  27. Emma | 11th Feb 17

    The sure grip bowl

  28. Lynsey Buchanan | 11th Feb 17

    The spill cup

  29. Lisa Wilkinson | 11th Feb 17

    We’d love to try the No Spill Cup

  30. Lorna Peppiatt | 11th Feb 17

    Nuby bottles are an excellent product x

  31. Jacqueline O'Connor | 11th Feb 17

    I love Nuby products, just bought a Nuby breast pump for my new arrival. This prize would complete my feeding supplies…..Brilliant!!!

  32. ellie spider | 12th Feb 17

    the submarine :DH isnt keen on bath time so maybe it would encourage her
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  33. Allan Fullarton | 12th Feb 17

    Id love to win this prize for my little Ivy.

  34. Kim Neville | 12th Feb 17

    Icy Bites Keys teether to help with teething

  35. Diana | 12th Feb 17

    Suction bowl, because my baby daughter always throws her bowls on the floor.

  36. Hali kinson | 12th Feb 17

    Natural touch baby bottles will be awesome to try out.

  37. Pauline Black | 12th Feb 17

    The icy bites keys. My grandson is teething

  38. Becci Cleary | 12th Feb 17

    The Nuby Snoozers would be a LIFESAVER….But I have always wanted one of the 360 Cups…partner thinks that they’re witchcraft and would never work!

  39. antonia j richardson | 12th Feb 17

    natural touch baby bottles

  40. Hayley Robson | 12th Feb 17

    The no spill feeding bowl looks very useful!

  41. Edward Guerreiro | 12th Feb 17

    I think it would be the 360 Maxi No Spill Cup. We have one already. But having more would be very useful, as we could leave it at nans house.

  42. Sarah R | 12th Feb 17

    The teething keys will be the most useful for us

  43. koala9876@hotmail.com | 12th Feb 17

    Just about the whole bundle would be useful but the bibs oh the bibs for my messy pup twins :-)

  44. Danielle Graves | 12th Feb 17

    I think the 360 maxi no spill cup would be brilliant nothing worse than a leaky cup or one that spills easy.

  45. Natalie Gillham | 13th Feb 17

    Bath time would be so much more fun with the Bathtime Submarine x

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