Anybody can start over, even full time single parents

Don’t be scared to start over. If you feel as if you’re living in a place that is full of demons, whether they be because of memories or because of things that still physically affect you, then it’s never too late to be able to up and leave. Here are a few tips on how you can relocate completely and move house as a single parent, in ways that will best suit you, and your kids.



First of all, you should plan the move in advance in order to give you time to sort out the procedure practically, and to be able to prepare your children. Even though you couldn’t think of anything better than upping sticks and getting as far away from your current life, and any poisonous people in it, they may be fearful about leaving their familiar environment — telling them about your plans as early as possible will allow them to come to terms with it easier. You should also allow your children to be involved as much as is practically possible when it comes to the move, in order to make them feel as if they aren’t completely powerless in the whole situation. This could involve letting them choose colour schemes for their new bedroom, or even for other rooms (although this should be exercised with caution: unless you want a bright pink living room). For more information on how to make the loss of a familiar and safe environment as less stressful as possible for your child, be sure to head on over here.

You must, however, always put the wellbeing of your children first. This means allowing them to have as much contact with their former life as you can afford, even if you want no contact with it yourself. If you haven’t done so already, this might be the perfect time to allow them to use social media sites or video call services as they will help destroy the distance between them and their friends, or their family, with just one click. If you do this, however be sure to check up on how to make sure your child is using the internet safely.

And when it comes to the practicality of the move, you should seek to also get everything sorted as soon as possible, to save you both stressing, and losing out financially. For instance, you should aim to reserve your moving services as far in advance as possible as you don’t want the big moving day to finally arrive around only to find that you haven’t got a big enough vehicle to help you out; to forgo any fiascos when it comes to getting all of your worldly belongings transported safely and professionally, especially if you’re moving far away, make sure to seek the help of long distance movers. Without the help of a significant other half, you’ll need all the help you can get in making sure all the practical basics are covered.


Making sure you’re on top of all the practical demands of moving home means that you can spend even more time comforting and readying your children for it and continuing the great job you are doing of coping as a single mum. If you have any worries about relocating your life but really want to, just remember that it’s never too late to do so and you can always make a new nest anywhere in the world that will sparkle just the way you want it to!


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