Makeup not making you feel great? Time for a new routine!

It can be hard to get to grips with fashion in your forties. The clothes that once looked fantastic suddenly don’t suit you anymore. Sometimes, the solution will be as simple as altering the style you already have. Sometimes, you’ll need to take more drastic action and change your style altogether. And, the struggle doesn’t end with style. As well as changing your fashion, it’s important to change your makeup routine. The makeup look that has served you for ten years or more can look strange on an aging face. So, what do you do when you notice your makeup doesn’t suit you anymore?



To solve the problem, it’s important you recognize what is that’s no longer working. Take a little time to work out what the problem is. Was your old makeup style too heavy? Does it highlight your new wrinkles? Or, maybe it’s not heavy enough. Does your fresh-faced image no longer work on your not so fresh skin? Once you’ve recognized the problem, you’ll be in a better position to solve the issue!




Once you’ve taken the time to find what’s not working, develop a makeup routine that looks better. To do this, you need to get familiar with your face. As we grow older, there’s a temptation to avoid those much-dreaded mirrors. Get past that, now. Spend some time in front of the mirror when you don’t have makeup on. Take note of where your skin is in the worst condition. Are there more wrinkles in any particular area? Do you have dark circles under your eyes? This step has the benefit of helping you to grow accustomed to the way you look. The more familiar you are with your skin, the better!


New makeup appears on the market all the time. If you’ve been using the same makeup routine for years, there’s going to be many new makeup types you haven’t tried. The trouble is, that’s a sure way to make your makeup look even more dated. Take this chance to familiarize yourself with the new pieces available. Stock up on things like this countouring kit by Anastasia. Once you have your new pieces, make sure you learn how to use them. The more awareness you have of the products, the better you’ll be able to see their results.



The best way to find a new makeup look is to experiment. Online tutorials can help, as can taking note of what other people your age are doing. Ultimately, though, you need to find a style to suit you. Something that looks fantastic on someone else may not work for you. No two faces are the same, after all! You may have to try a few different styles before you find what works. Don’t grow disheartened. Have fun with this. And, remember to return to your knowledge of where your problem points are. Come up with a look that covers those problems!


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