How to save money whilst saving the world

Owning a home and renting a home are both very different situations to be in, but how you treat your home is the same. You choose the décor, you choose the flooring and you choose the utility companies you use for your gas and electricity. You need to be able to pay the bills when they come in and when things get tough, that can be very hard, so you need to be as savvy as you can when it comes to the companies you use to pay the bills. Everywhere you look, people talk about being greener in their practices. From the plastic bags in the supermarket to the chemical products on the shelves, greener practices are becoming more prevalent in the world and it’s time to introduce that to the home.


Keeping costs down doesn’t just have to mean you’re thinking about your own pocket, but doing what you can for your environment should be considered, too. You can be extremely environmentally friendly in the home, you just have to know what changes you can make. Not only can you cut the costs of your utilities, but you can save the world in your own way. Doing what you can for the world around you doesn’t have to be strenuous and by making the little changes at home, you’re helping and saving money. Take a look at these tips to decide where you can make the changes in your home:

  1. Replace any single pane windows with double-glazing. Such a small change, but a big one for your home. Keeping the heat in instead of it escaping through thin window glass will cut your heating bills and be more energy efficient.
  2. Insulate your loft space with natural or recycled materials if it isn’t already done. As with windows, heat escapes where it can but with insulation, your heating bills can be cut down.
  3. Consider the investment in solar panels for the roof to power your home. Research the best solar panel prices around as while they can be expensive to install initially, you can make some long-term savings.
  4. Replace your boiler when it needs to be replaced. Older boilers are not as efficient as the newer models and so need to be serviced regularly and replaced as they go out of date.
  5. Saving water is a world issue so fitting the right kind of shower head to ensure there is no wastage is very important. An aerated showerhead can make sure you are getting the water you need. A power shower is lovely, but swapping from a bath to a power shower can undo all your hard work by gushing more water than you need.


In the long run, you’re doing more for the future by having a greener home. Saving money in the home is important but if you can manage to save money as well as have a good impact on the environment rather than a negative one, you’re winning all round.

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