Lush Oxford Street Shopping.. and an Easter Giveaway!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go on a trip to London thanks to the lovely Indigo Herbs, who I work with regularly, as they invited me to visit this year’s Blog Con London. What a day! Getting a train to the big city, rushing around, getting on the tube, taking in the blossom in St James’ Park – nothing like a usual Saturday at all! I had a fantastic day, and I’ll share more about the event soon.


But first.. after I had finished the event I found myself with a couple of hours to spare before I needed to catch my train back to the countryside. I spent a good half an hour wasting time studying the tube map wondering where I could go, with all of London to choose from! But, as time was now ticking away, I thought I’d take a short tube hop to Bond Street and go in search of the flagship Oxford Street Lush shop. It was worth it.. :-)



Living so rurally, and with two very small people to take with me, I don’t visit actual bricks and mortar shops very often, and Lush’s flagship store is just amazing. It’s on three floors and is just bursting with fragrance and colour! As my time was very limited by the time I had walked what felt like the entire length of Oxford Street to find it (I went the wrong direction to start with as I left the tube station… and there are quite a few people on Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon!) I decided to head straight for the Oxford Street exclusives and the limited edition Easter range.


Lush Oxford Street Exclusives


Lush Oxford Street

Lush Easter Range

And this is what I came home with…

Lush Easter

I just couldn’t resist the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt – ‘Cherish skin with a chocolate fix that’s full of cleansing orange and softening cocoa butter’ – this smells so good I just want to bite into it! The Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bars just fill me with joy, they’re just so cute!! ‘Dig up the dirt on refreshing tropical bathing’ And the popcorn lip scrub – well that’s just a bonus, that also smells delicious!

So now for the fun part, I thought I’d share the love and giveaway my Lush Oxford Street shopping to one of my readers. So, if you would like to be in with a chance to win, please enter using the rafflecopter below. Open to the UK only and will close at midnight on Sunday 9th April to give me time to post it to you to arrive in time for the Easter weekend. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Rebecca Powell | 8th Apr 17

    I love shopping and open top bus tours!!

  2. Gloria C | 8th Apr 17

    Our favourite thing to do in London is have a lovely meal out, then go and see a West End show :)

  3. Lucy Chester | 8th Apr 17

    I love going into London and going to the theatre and a meal with friends

  4. Tess D | 8th Apr 17

    My favourite thing to do in London is going to the theatre to see a play or musical

  5. David Randall | 8th Apr 17

    I rarely visit London but when I do I want it to be a bit of sightseeing followed by a musical at the theatre.

  6. Karl Borowy | 8th Apr 17

    west end

  7. holly harmsworth | 8th Apr 17

    I love shopping on oxford street and visiting the national history museum.

  8. carol boffey | 8th Apr 17

    the west end

  9. Louise G | 8th Apr 17

    I love your shoes! It’s been so long since i’ve visited London.

  10. Deborah Mackenzie | 8th Apr 17

    When ever we have been to London we visit a few more tourist spots. There is so much to see and do, not like where we live

  11. Kim Neville | 8th Apr 17

    Going shopping and eating out in different places

  12. Helen Metcalfe | 8th Apr 17

    I havent been to London for years but I used to love shopping in markets, not just the big shops!

  13. nichola chambers | 8th Apr 17

    i love going to all the touristy things some of my happiest memories are on the london eye

  14. sallyanne rose | 8th Apr 17

    the tate modern

  15. Christine Edmonds | 8th Apr 17

    Visit my Son

  16. Ellen Stafford | 8th Apr 17

    Visit Phillip Schofield at the ITV studios. He is so lovely :)

  17. Pauline Black | 8th Apr 17

    I have never been to London . I have been to the airport and that’s it I’m afraid!!

  18. Ali Duke | 8th Apr 17

    I love to go to the national history museum

  19. Cerys John | 8th Apr 17

    Walking around and taking in all the sites. My fave place is Southbank :)

  20. paula cheadle | 8th Apr 17

    when I went to London a while ago I loved the bus tours

  21. Sunita verma | 8th Apr 17

    I love the underground and just hopping about to different parts of london and just taking it all in…so much to see and so different to my lifestyle i find it fascinating

  22. HazelY | 8th Apr 17

    Visiting the British Museum – so much to see and learn!

  23. Caroline Blaza | 8th Apr 17

    I love visiting St. Pauls Cathedral. x

  24. joanne cox | 8th Apr 17

    Would love to visit St.Pauls Cathedral and visiting my good friend for afternoon tea!

  25. Lia Burns | 8th Apr 17

    Visit all the museums! There are so many interesting ones x

  26. Ruth Wollerton | 8th Apr 17

    I love shopping, a show and people watching. London has it all.Thanks for the chance xxx

  27. Cindy Gillespie | 8th Apr 17

    I adore Carnaby Street. I love all the shops, vibrancy and atmosphere

  28. Ema Reader-Powney | 8th Apr 17

    Shopping and a theatre visit 😀

  29. Natalie Crossan | 9th Apr 17

    Going to the theatre and shopping xx

  30. Amy Dickson | 9th Apr 17

    We don’t go to London often but I absolutely love going to see a show at the theatre. I like to explore different parts and just sit in a coffee shop for a few hours and just people watch

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