Get everything you need for your new baby without breaking the bank

The list of things you need when expecting a baby can be huge. After all, everything from nappies to furniture makes the list. And it leaves a lot of mums to be scrimping for money to be able to pay for the whole list of stuff. After all, a lot of us don’t have a few thousand lying around in our bank accounts. And with time off to have the baby, we need to save money rather than spend it when we are having a baby. But you can get your baby items without spending a small fortune. In fact, there are a few mums out there who have only spent a couple of hundred rather than thousands. And still, have managed to get everything they need. Therefore, here is how you can get everything for your new baby without breaking the bank.


Ask friends and family for old items

You might be surprised to know how many items get left untouched when you have a new baby. After all, they grow up so quickly that you might not get a chance to use half the stuff you bought. And then rather than selling the items, they often live in a drawer until you remember that they are there. Therefore, when it’s time to stock up for your newborn, you should ask your friends and family if they have any old items that were barely used by their child. It’s likely they will have a whole range of items that they never used. And as they are a friend or a family member, they are not going to ask for a fortune for the item. In fact, it’s likely they won’t even ask anything for the item! Therefore, you will save a ton of money if you just get an old item from a friend or family member! Just be wary of getting second-hand items like mattresses and car seats. After all, the safety laws are constantly changing. Therefore, there might be something much safer for your little one to use now. And if you are using items that are second-hand like baby bottles, make sure they are sterilized, so they are safe for your newborn!

Get coupons for stores

A lot of stores can charge a small fortune when it comes to baby items. After all, they know you need decent things like nursery furniture and travel systems when it comes to your newborn. So they can often charge a high price to get you to buy! But to ensure you don’t break the bank, you should get some coupons to use in the store. That way, you can get a significant percentage off the items, and it won’t be so unbearable for your bank account! You can look online to find good coupons which you can use at major stores. In fact, a lot of sites similar to have all the best coupons in one place. That way, you can find what you are looking for before heading to the store. And make sure you check the rules before you go. After all, you don’t want to end up getting to the till and the coupon gets rejected!

Limit the amount of items you buy

Before you go shopping for your baby, you need to make a list of everything you need. After all, it can help to see the full list in front of you. And writing a list can also mean you will be able to make some cuts. After all, there is bound to be a few items that are actually not compulsory for your baby. And are things that you should get overtime. For example, that rocker and bouncer will probably not even be used till your little one is six months old. Therefore, you can get these later to save you some money. And all those baby grows you have written down are not completely necessary. After all, you are likely to get a load from friends and family anyway. Therefore, cutting out some items will ensure you don’t go over the top with your spending for your newborn!

Set up a gift list

Over the next few months, you are bound to start getting questions about what you want from family and friends. After all, they will love to get you something for your newborn. And will want to buy something that you actually need. Therefore, the best thing you can do to save your money while stocking up for your newborn is write a gift list for friends and family. After all, if they get essentials from your list, it will save you a ton of money. Parents, in particular, are likely to splash out on big items like pushchairs and cribs for your baby. Just make sure you go with them to make the decision. After all, you don’t want something you really dislike for your little one! And you could always hold a baby shower for your upcoming arrival. After all, as well as getting to celebrate with your nearest and dearest, you also get a ton of items which will be useful for the baby in the first few months. Look on for further guidance holding a baby shower!


Join baby groups and stores

As soon as you have your first scan, you should really start joining baby groups and stores who are great for sending you the best sales and promotions. You can look online and on social media for some great groups to join. And if you sign up for their newsletters, they will send you a ton of vouchers and discounts which you can use to get money off essential items. As for stores, a lot of them have special deals if you join their baby sections. In fact, they can give you points you can use to buy items like nappies and powder for your newborn. And then you can save a ton of money on essential things for your baby.

And it’s worth subscribing to baby magazines when you are expecting. After all, as well as giving you a ton of useful info, they also give you good tips on which stores are offering you great deals. And will even give you vouchers to use to ensure you get a great discount!

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