Make do and mend – traditional words to live by

Back in the old days, before tech got all kinds of groovy, our parents and our grandparents lived by a different set of rules. Make do and mend was the order of the day. They didn’t live in a throwaway society, we do.

If like me, you can’t stand to see things going to waste or being thrown away, then you might have ended up with a draw full of old smartphones and tablets. Of course, you could sell it on eBay and help make yourself a little extra money, or give it to a friend. You can donate phones to a charity, like help for the homeless or low-income families. You can also find companies who do iPhone recycling and repair. However, with all the app technology, we may have a few ideas which you will love. So read on.

How about turning your old smartphone into a home security camera. You can have it set up in a window or the corner of a room and use it as a surveillance device; you could consider turning it into a baby monitor too.  There are lots of apps which can help you out, including iCamSpy which will help you keep an eye on the things going on at home.

You could turn your old iPad into a digital photo frame; you just need to keep it hooked up to a power supply so you can disable the screen dimming or lock features. Find a cool app like Dayframe, and you could plug into your social media apps and have your photos live streamed.



There are some options for controlling some devices with your smartphone or tablet. With a kit from Logitech, you can use an old device as a remote for your media center for example, while DSLR Remote lets you control your digital camera. Apple has its remote app, and if you’re a Chromecaster, then everything works automatically.

Phone and tablet screens aren’t quite as easy on the eye as e-ink, but they’re fine for a quick bout of reading on the go. As well as iBooks and Play Books you can use the official Kindle or Kobo apps to sync your reading with a separate e-reader and across multiple devices. You could also use your old phone or tablet exclusively for catching up on your online reading—Instapaper or Pocket are two apps that can help out

With smart stands, you could also use your out of date tablet as a dedicated word processor that doesn’t have any gaming apps or social media distractions.

There are so many ways you could make the most out of your old phones or tablets; you just need to think a little harder and look at the software you have available. Then retask your technology to work for you.

Try living by the words of the generations who came before us. Don’t just throw things away as they are so easily replaced with new ones. Find a way of making use of what you have and making your life a little bit better for it.
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