Hay Fever Remedies from Nature

Another effect of high summer with it’s beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine can often be a high pollen count, which for many of us means hay fever. Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollens which can cause cold like symptoms including a runny nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, pain in your sinuses, loss of your sense of smell, and feeling tired and lethargic.

High Summer

There are so many different remedies for hay fever that you can try at home using herbs and essential oils to bring relief for the symptoms of hay fever, so I wanted to share a few of the ones we’ve been trying with you.


You may notice that chamomile is a herb that I mention in almost every post I write about herbal remedies! It’s one of my favourites and is well known as a relaxant, but is also an anti-histamine. (Release of histamine is what causes hay fever symptoms).

There are a few different ways you can use chamomile to help. If you have some chamomile essential oil you could try putting a drop or two inside your nostrils, and of course you can drink chamomile tea.

Chamomile Tea

A great way to drink your tea is to make up an infusion in a cafetiere – take it up to bed with you and have a cup before you go to sleep, then have a second cool cup to start your day in the morning. I love making herbal teas in a cafetiere, it’s easy to make up infusions with a number of different herbs, and they look so pretty!

Lemon Balm is a great addition to your chamomile tea when you’re fighting hay fever symptoms, it tastes delicious and is also great for soothing the respiratory system.

Chamomile Infusion

Another way to use your chamomile infusion would be to make a cold compress. Allow your infusion to cool, or you could even use a few ice cubes if it’s a very hot day. Soak a muslin cloth or face cloth in the infusion and use as a cooling eye mask to help soothe puffy, sore eyes.

Essential Oils for Hay Fever

Hay fever Remedy Oil

I’ve made up a ‘hay fever relief oil’ using a base oil (I used jojoba as I had it to hand, but olive or sunflower oil would work just as well) with a couple of drops of lavender and peppermint oil added. The hay fever relief oil can then be applied to your sinuses and the bottom of your feet to help ease your hay fever symptoms.

Peppermint oil can help unclog the sinuses and is also anti-inflammatory. It can also help wake you up if you’re suffering with the fatigue that often comes with hay fever. Lavender is also a natural anti-histamine.

Steam Inhalation

Another great essential oil to use is Eucalyptus which is great for easing a stuffy nose. You can diffuse some in an aromatherapy diffuser, or use a steam inhalation. To do this, use a large bowl and fill with boiling water, then add a couple of drops of Eucalyptus oil. On a table top, put your head over the bowl and cover both your head and the bowl with a towel, so you inhale the steam and it doesn’t escape into the room. This is something I often do when I have a winter cold too, it is really effective.


If you’re suffering with hay fever, it’s recommended to eat a low mucus diet. This means avoiding dairy, eggs, sugar, potatoes and processed foods. You can also try adding super foods to your diet – here are two ideas…

Bee Pollen

You may have heard that eating local honey is a great remedy for hay fever, but how about bee pollen? John Howat, secretary of the Bee Farmers Association of the UK, says: “I used to suffer dreadfully myself until I had been keeping bees for a couple of years. Since then, hardly ever. I don’t eat much honey, so the effect could be related to all the stings I’ve had, or to burying my head in beehives every week.” (The Telegraph)

Bee pollen is not only thought to be effective at helping hay fever symptoms, but is is also considered to be one of nature’s most complete foods. It is rich in B vitamins and essential minerals.

Ashwaghanda Powder

Ashwaghanda powder is a true superfood, being the Number One remedy in Ayurveda. It helps the immune system, and also the respiratory system, and can be useful in treating the symptoms of hay fever.

Super Charged Breakfast Bowl

An easy and delicious way to add these superfoods into your diet is with this fantastic summer breakfast, packed with vitamin C.

Hay Fever Busting Breakfast Bowl

Yield: 1

Hay Fever Busting Breakfast Bowl


  • 40g Oats
  • 1/2 pint Almond Milk
  • 1/2 Banana
  • 1/2 Kiwi
  • 1 teaspoon Bee Pollen Grains
  • 1 teaspoon Ashwagandha Powder


  1. Add the almond milk to the oats and cook on the hob over a medium heat until cooked, then put your oats into a serving bowl.
  2. Slice your kiwi and banana and add to your oats.
  3. Add the bee pollen grains and the ashwaghanda powder, stir together and enjoy!

I’ve also used ashwaghanda powder in a green juice, which you can find the recipe for here. Both bee pollen and ashwaghanda powder can also be added to yoghurt or a smoothie.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for natural remedies for hay fever that you can try at home this summer. All of the products that I’ve used are available from Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury.  They ship worldwide and have free, fast UK delivery for orders over £30.

This is a collaborative post with Indigo Herbs

Hay Fever Remedies

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  1. Mummy Times Two | 27th Jun 17

    I suffer from hay fever and had no idea about most of these natural remedies. I will definitely be trying these out!

  2. Sarah Bailey | 27th Jun 17

    These are some great sounding natural remedies I really need to try some myself as I seem to be having an awful time with allergies this year.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Summer Home WishlistMy Profile

    • thesparklenest | 28th Jun 17

      The pollen count was SO high during the heatwave! I hope you’re doing better this week in the rain!

  3. Melanie | 27th Jun 17

    My friend suffers terribly, so I will wing this link straight to her, KI am sure this will be much appreciated :) x

    • thesparklenest | 28th Jun 17

      Thank you, I hope she finds it helpful!

  4. Joanna | 27th Jun 17

    I suffer from hay fever and even if I love summer, sometimes I can barely breath. I never thought there were so many natural remedies for it!

  5. Rhian Westbury | 28th Jun 17

    My other half suffers from hayfever but I know he wouldn’t drink chamomile tea or eat the remedy bowl which is a shame x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Desk Essentials – Things That I Couldn’t Be WithoutMy Profile

  6. Stephanie Merry | 28th Jun 17

    My brother suffers with hay fever so I’ll have to share this with him x
    Stephanie Merry recently posted…The products you need to apply fake tan like a proMy Profile

  7. Ashleigh Dougherty | 28th Jun 17

    I have a very mild case of hay fever, but get it all year round. Might give some of these remedies a try.
    Ashleigh Dougherty recently posted…PRO:VOKE TOUCH OF SILVER – A MUST HAVE FOR BLONDESMy Profile

  8. Angela Milnes | 28th Jun 17

    Wow. Glad you share this remedies fever was so popular here right now and I need to do this

  9. Samantha Bye | 28th Jun 17

    I’ve started getting a mild form of hay fever over the past couple of years, never had it before! I really feel for people who have massive reactions to it, it looks like the most uncomfortable thing ever.

  10. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes | 28th Jun 17

    This is really great information, I know lots of people that have suffered so badly with hay-fever this year!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted…Ditch The Diet Mentality & Feel FabulousMy Profile

  11. Steph Cummings | 28th Jun 17

    I’ve been struggling so much with my hay fever. I will have to try some of these tios..so far I’ve been relying on antihistamines
    Steph Cummings recently posted…Review | Glasses Shop New Tortoiseshell framesMy Profile

  12. Annie B | 29th Jun 17

    Passing this post onto hubby who has terrible bless hayfever. Might need to try some alternatives

  13. Yaya | 29th Jun 17

    I suffered so much during the heatwave, and know when the next one comes it’ll be the same story. Thanks for these tips. I swear by chamomile for everything, and have been really intrigued by essential oils.
    Yaya recently posted…Transforming A Bland Balcony into An Outdoor OasisMy Profile

  14. Tanya | 29th Jun 17

    I suffer so badly from hayfever so I’ll definitely be giving some of these a try. I really like the idea of a chamomile eye mask, my eyes have been terrible the last few weeks

  15. Anosa | 29th Jun 17

    My mother and sister suffer from bad hayfever and always use chamomile most of the time to help relieve the systems. These are great remedies for sure
    Anosa recently posted…{Guest Post} Summer Sandals ~ HotterMy Profile

  16. Baby Isabella | 29th Jun 17

    We never knew chamomile was an anti-histamine! Might give my daddy some tea as he suffers from awful hay fever x
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Turning up the heat – Funk The Family 2017 ReviewMy Profile

  17. Tanya Brannan | 30th Jun 17

    I am lucky in the aspect that this is not something I have ever suffered with, however I have a friend and she gets terrible Hayfever. It normally starts around May time, and she suffers awfully. I have bookmarked this to show her, as it is always worth trying something new to see if it will help! Thank you for sharing this knowledge xx
    Tanya Brannan recently posted…JamRockin’ goodMy Profile

  18. melissa | 30th Jun 17

    These sound amazing, I have hay fever so I will have to try these out
    melissa recently posted…3INA UV CollectionMy Profile

  19. Becca Talbot | 1st Jul 17

    Thankfully I’ve never had hayfever before, but these herbal and natural remedies sound a lot better than drugging yourself up on piriteze x

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