World Calligraphy Day 2017 – Win a Beginners Calligraphy Set

When we think of all the words we have available to us to read every day now, from letters on our computer screens, to books and magazines, it’s hard to believe that once everything was written by hand. Even the cursive handwriting with a fountain pen that I learned at school seems so old-fashioned now, with things I now need to write more often or not being scrawled down with a biro.

In Roman times, letters were carved into stone, then using a metal stylus on a wax tablet, then using pen onto bark. The books of the Bible, and all the Latin and Greek texts, were passed down to us in handwritten form.
old calligraphy

William Morris studied the medieval manuscripts towards the end of the eleventh century, and realised that the letter forms were not made with a pointed pen, but by a pen with a broad edge – and his studies marked the start of a revival of calligraphy which has recently been taken to new heights with the trends of modern calligraphy and hand lettering.

I’ve wanted to try my hand at calligraphy for ages, so I was excited to hear from Manuscript Pen Company about their first World Calligraphy Day, which takes place on 16th August 2017.

Manuscript Pen Company has been in the forefront of pen nib manufacturing and design in the UK since 1856, and are hosting World Calligraphy Day to celebrate the art of calligraphy and lettering. They are hosting an event at the Birmingham Pen Museum on 16th August where you can learn about the history of the trade, create your own steel pen nib and try out different workshops on different writing styles.

You can find out more details about the event here..


Manuscript Pen Company

Manuscript Pen Company kindly sent me a selection of their products to try out, and I couldn’t wait to have a go.

The Modern Calligraphy set contains three different pointed nibs, a turquoise pen holder and a bottle of black ink, and the all important instructions to get started.

I also tried out the amazing double tipped markers, for creative lettering and colouring.


I started off my downloading a template from their website to practice with – as you can see, I was a bit wobbly to start with, but we all have to start somewhere and it was such a relaxing activity to try! I’m looking forward to practicing some more, I think it would be lovely to make my own greetings cards using creative lettering. Or even writing entire letters on lovely stationery and sealing with a traditional wax seal! It felt a bit strange to go back to using a biro afterwards!

The Sparkle Nest Calligraphy

To help celebrate World Calligraphy Day, I’d also love to give a Beginners Calligraphy Set from Manuscript away to one of my readers.

The Beginner’s Calligraphy Set features Manuscript’s Dodec style pen with different combinations of nib widths fine, medium and 2B.

The set is ideal for the beginner as it contains just the right combination of nib widths for mastering the foundations of Calligraphy scripts.

Beginners Calligraphy Set

To enter, simply use the rafflecopter below. The competition ends at midnight on Sunday 20th August and is open to UK residents only. Good Luck!
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World Calligraphy Day

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  1. Louise | 10th Aug 17

    Love the idea of calligraphy…. another skill I’d love to learn x

  2. Tracy Nixon | 10th Aug 17

    I make cards for family members – usually cross stitch or felted – so would love to add some caligraphy to them!

  3. iain maciver | 10th Aug 17

    cards would be a start

  4. laura stewart | 10th Aug 17

    we would love to make cards x

  5. karen hill | 10th Aug 17

    I’d love to win for my husband, he has always wanted to try, he has mentioned it alot, it would be a lovely surprise for him and he does deserve a hobby x

  6. Ashleigh Allan | 10th Aug 17

    I would use it on cards

  7. Solange | 10th Aug 17

    I’d love to make cards.

  8. Helen at Casa Costello | 11th Aug 17

    I used to spend hours practising calligraphy as a child – Love that it is coming back. You have definitely got a knack for it – doesn’t look shaky at all.
    Helen at Casa Costello recently posted…Spicy Prawn Parcels #CampfireCookingMy Profile

  9. Erin | 11th Aug 17

    I absolutely love calligraphy, this sounds right up my street! You’re really good at it too!

  10. Sheena Batey | 11th Aug 17

    I would like to try and create a modern book of hours.

  11. lisa dolatowski | 11th Aug 17

    I would like to make things for putting in frames for myself and friends. I’m always getting compliments on my writing, so this would just be a boost!

  12. Georgee | 11th Aug 17

    I’m about to start a calligraphy course in September, I would love to start practicing already! Although, if I can, I will try to make it up to Birmingham on the 16th now that I know! Thank you loads :)

  13. Soph H | 12th Aug 17

    I just want to practise my lettering

  14. Suzanne | 12th Aug 17

    I’d love to create an illustrated travel journal.

  15. Katie Howell | 12th Aug 17

    I’d like to try making my wedding invitations with them :)

  16. stuart hargreaves | 12th Aug 17

    birthday cards would look wonderful

  17. Lisa Parker | 12th Aug 17

    I would love to make my own cards and little personalise mementos x

  18. Debbie W | 12th Aug 17

    I don’t know- I would be more likely to give it to my daughter to use. She loves card making and scrapbooking so it would suit her perfectly.

  19. Alica | 12th Aug 17

    I am not artistic in the slightest but my adult daughter is, and I know she would make something wonderful!

  20. Emma Gibson | 12th Aug 17

    Bubllet journal.

  21. Stacey Carnell | 12th Aug 17

    My brothers wedding invitations :)

  22. Jenny Aldridge | 12th Aug 17

    I can just imagine the gift tags I could make with these or even a caption in photo frames when I get good at it!

  23. Rebecca | 12th Aug 17

    I’d love to create hand made business cards for my friend with calligraphy :)

  24. Jen A | 12th Aug 17

    I’d love to write some of my favourite quotes to decorate my study with :)

  25. Lorraine Tinsley | 12th Aug 17

    I’d use them for birthday invites for my daughter’s party

  26. Lorna Ledger | 12th Aug 17

    A memory scrap book

  27. Vicki D | 13th Aug 17

    I’d love to be able to use calligraphy when writing in my journal and for birthday, Christmas and any other event cards

  28. Emily C | 13th Aug 17

    I would use this for the placecards and invitations for my upcoming wedding – the writing looks amazing!

  29. Isabel O | 13th Aug 17

    I like making my own cards, it would be really cool if I could write my own greetings in them with pretty writing!

  30. Donna | 13th Aug 17

    I would love to practise this lettering for my journal :)

  31. Danielle Spencer | 13th Aug 17

    This would make a great addition to our card making and scrapbooks.

  32. Kerry Kilmister | 13th Aug 17

    I’d actually love this to teach my daughter calligraphy. It would be perfect for our scrapbook projext

  33. Laureen Timms | 14th Aug 17

    Calligraphy is something I want to try,I make cards and recently got into planning and would love to add calligraphy to those.

  34. Claire glace | 14th Aug 17

    I am waiting for my wedding photos, so i would love to incorparate some calligraphy into the photo frames and photobook ! Many thanks

  35. Laura Jeffs | 14th Aug 17

    I’m just starting on cardmaking, so this would be wonderful !

  36. | 14th Aug 17

    I wager hess PERFΕCT at it!? Laughed Larry. recently posted…http://Www.linux.caMy Profile

  37. Karen Barrett | 15th Aug 17

    I make my own cards so it would be wonderful to finish them off with a beautiful handwritten note inside.

  38. elaine stokes | 15th Aug 17

    id love to make a picture for my god daughter with her family tree on it

  39. rebecca h | 15th Aug 17

    I’d absolutely love to make some greetings cards with beautiful calligraphy! hand written cards are always more personal and special

  40. Jo Carroll | 15th Aug 17

    I’d use it to make copies of my family tree to give to my relatives. x

  41. Sheri Darby | 15th Aug 17

    I would use it inscribe all my bookplates

  42. lorraine kirk | 16th Aug 17

    I would love to make traditional tags for Christmas presents.

  43. Katrina | 16th Aug 17

    Mine would be writing my Christmas card and annual end of year letter. No better way to make it look elegant and festive

  44. Robert Price | 17th Aug 17

    Birthday cards

  45. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) | 17th Aug 17

    Would love to win this as I need to learn to write a message in a bottle for my wedding party

  46. MM | 17th Aug 17

    It would mainly be greeting cards for me!

  47. ADEINNE TONNER | 17th Aug 17

    I’d love to make my own christmas card designs for my friends and family.

  48. Jade Wimsey | 17th Aug 17

    I’ve already started doing a bit of calligraphy/hand lettering I just don’t have all the fancy pens I do it with normal pens and I’ve been doing quotes and disney stuff – I find it very relaxing!

  49. Cara Bemrose-Williams | 17th Aug 17

    This would be great for writing my wedding invites.

  50. Mary H | 18th Aug 17

    I still handwrite letters to friends living in different cities and countries, despite being 36, not 86! I loved practicing calligraphy as a young teen, but I’d have to start from scratch now so this would be amazing!

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