Boys and their toys – how to keep their room looking neat and tidy

It’s surprising the rate that children can accumulate things. If you thought you were bad with your household clutter, then imagine the mess that children can make. Kids bedrooms are notorious for being difficult to keep tidy, especially with younger children who can’t pick up after themselves. To stay on top of it you’re going to need a plan, and by following these top tips, you can help you keep your child’s room looking clean and tidy – meaning one less job for mum!


Find a place for everything

Children’s bedrooms tend to look cluttered because they have so many small items lying around. Cuddly toys, Lego bricks, and even books are small and can accumulate quickly – making a bedroom look like it’s part of a war zone. Make sure that all items have somewhere they can be stored, whether it’s on shelves or in drawers that will make it easier to free up carpet space. You can find some great ideas for organising a kid’s bedroom online that will make it easier to make the most of small spaces. Encourage your child to put their items back into these places when they’re finished with them, instilling some good habits in them that will make them more likely to pick up after themselves.

Make the most of useful storage solutions



Storage solutions are a lifesaver for a child’s bedroom. Make the most of the available space that you have by adding a few storage solutions that can house the clutter and keep the bedroom floor free. Underbed storage is one of the genius storage solutions you can incorporate into your home that will hide things away when not needed. Large boxes and sturdy crates are other great solutions that can also be doubled up as seating areas or workspaces to offer practical storage for a kids’ bedroom.

Have a regular clear out

One way to stop the clutter is to have a regular clear out. Kids have so much these days, and it can be easy to forget the number of presents they receive on Christmas or birthdays, most of which will barely get used. Clothes and toys that are no longer needed can be donated to others who might be in desperate need of these items, and it’s far better to donate them than to have them sitting in a cupboard doing nothing. Twice a year, put a note in your calendar to sort through your child’s things and clear out the items that you no longer want. This will make sure that there’s room for any new items that come into your home and stops things from going to waste. A good decluttering can make your home feel much more spacious and organised, and is a great habit to teach your children. Be scrupulous, and you can have the ideal clutter-free room that will be a breeze to keep clean.

Get clever with furniture

Kids furniture is great and if you shop wisely, you can pick up some great items that not only look great but are useful too. For example, a bunk bed is a great idea if you’ve got more than one child sharing a room to help you save space. Meanwhile, the coolest kids cabin beds for boys contain storage solutions, desks and other features which means that they look great, while having a useful purpose too.  Buying children’s furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you can get some great pieces both you and them will love.

Teach them to tidy up after themselves

The sooner you can get your child to learn to pick up after themselves, the better. It’s tempting to want to do it for them, but it’s a busy life for a mum and if you can cross one thing off your to-do list permanently, you should. Introduce simple rules, such as playing with one toy at a time and making sure they put everything away before supper can help them to form some good habits. Try not to make tidying seem like a chore, instead use music and games to make cleaning up more fun and they’ll have less cause to complain about it. Teaching them skills such as tidying up at an early age will help make them more responsible and independent while giving you the opportunity to tackle the other things that need doing around the house.


Children’s rooms are often small, but that’s no excuse for letting them get cluttered. Take the time to get the kids’ room organised for a neat and clutter-free home that will make it much easier for you and them to clean, and allow you to keep your sanity!

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