The joy of fresh sheets

Sink into the velvet waves
Sink into a peaceful sleep
Feather pillow caressing my head
Feather duvet hugging me close
Inhale the fresh aroma
Exhale troubles
Sheets so soft and light as air
The perfect backdrop
For dreaming

Clean Sheets Day

It’s one of life’s simple pleasures isn’t it – clean sheets day? I write quite often about sleep, and how important it is, and tips on how to get more, better quality sleep. Part of our sleep regimen is clean sheets day every Friday. As the babies get up on a Friday morning, I strip their beds and put on fresh bedding, then start the first load of laundry at breakfast time.

Laundry, with two grubby little boys, is quite a chore. My washing machine is on daily, and then keeping on top of hanging it all on the airer, and taking the clean washing off the airer and putting it away as quick as possible before the boys start fighting with one another is quite a challenge! A friend of mine was telling me last week that she’s just invested in a tumble drier and she said it was life changing. I believe her!


Clean sheets day however, is not such a chore as the other laundry days. Firstly because it’s quite simple to hang up to dry – almost every door inside the house has a sheet or duvet cover draped over it. And secondly because you know that come bedtime you’ll have the reward of that clean sheets feeling. And I love tucking my freshly washed baby boys into freshly washed sheets. It’s a real ‘I’m winning at parenting’ feeling – and those are so precious!


With sensitive little boys, with sensitive young skin, it’s important to me to use laundry products that will be tough on all of the stains that seem to appear by magic on their clothes and bedding, and also gently on their skin. So when I heard of Ecover’s laundry challenge I was very happy to give it a try.

Ecover say that,

“We know that doing the laundry isn’t the most glamorous activity. That’s why Ecover have tried to make the task simpler by creating a laundry solution to suit both you and your family – something that works on everything from delicate clothing to a baby’s first baby grow.”

Ecover have brought out a new Non- Bio Laundry detergent which is suitable for sensitive skin and has tough stain action. It’s cruelty free and contains plant based and mineral ingredients, all of which are important to me when choosing a laundry cleaner.

I love that the detergent is concentrated so a small 875ml bottle doesn’t take up too much space in my already cluttered cleaning cupboard, and that you only need one to one and a half capfuls per load. I use one and a half as I live in a hard water area – but I’ve been trying out the detergent for a good few weeks and still haven’t used a quarter of the bottle.

The detergent has left all of our bedding beautifully clean – and it smells so good! So I’ve even found a benefit of not having a tumble drier and having to drape sheets over all of the doors, it makes the whole house smell of clean laundry! Which makes me feel a bit better about the dust bunnies that need hoovering up.. The detergent is fragranced with Lavender and Sandalwood. I will definitely purchase this again when my bottle is finally used up.

Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams!

This post is an entry for BritMums #EcoverLaundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover

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  1. Jennifer @ The Champagne Supernova | 28th Sep 17

    This laundry detergent would be a perfect fit for our family, as we also have kids. Do they sell it in the United States?
    Jennifer @ The Champagne Supernova recently posted…Souper Easy Mom Hacks with Progresso Organic SoupsMy Profile

  2. Emma @ Adventures of a London Kiwi | 28th Sep 17

    You absolutely cannot beat slipping between freshly washed sheets!
    Emma @ Adventures of a London Kiwi recently posted…9 Places To Explore In GreenwichMy Profile

  3. Alison | 3rd Oct 17

    I’m with you on this Becky. Nothing quite like the feel and scent of clean bedding and towels. Better still if you can line dry them. I like to sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil onto clean sheets when I change the bed. The scent is wonderful. I have Ecover’s dish detergent (washing up liquid as its called here in England) and all purpose cleaner, but haven’t tried their laundry products yet. Is it very good at removing stains? My goodness, Frey is getting big isn’t he! Happy Autumn!

    • thesparklenest | 5th Oct 17

      Thank you, Happy Autumn to you too! This picture was actually taken a few months ago, so he’s even bigger now.. and will be turning one next week! I use Ecover’s washing up liquid too, and dishwasher tablets. I’d recommend this laundry liquid, and I think it’s good on light stains. Although I have some stains that even bleach hasn’t removed from some of the boy’s clothes, I don’t know how they do it?!

  4. Kate Holmes | 3rd Oct 17

    Great to hear how you got on – commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part
    Kate Holmes recently posted…Tips for getting free stuff from companiesMy Profile

    • thesparklenest | 5th Oct 17

      Thank you Kate!

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