Wild Remedies – Self heal and Calendula cream

Have you noticed these pretty purple flowers popping up in lawns and grass verges? It’s called Prunella Vulgaris, and is also known as Self-heal, or all heal. It’s old common names included sicklewort, hook heal and carpenter’s herb. It flowers throughout early summer, and early Autumn.

As the name suggests, it has a huge range of uses in herbal medicine and has uses ranging from the treatment of flu to cuts and wounds. It has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of outbreaks of herpes.

Self-heal was abundant in my garden this summer, and I used it to make a flower essence, which is an ingredient in my Pure Bliss Essence Mist, which is available from my shop, Bliss Botanicals. The flower essence is good for self healing (again, as the name suggests!), motivation, inner direction and transformation.

Self Heal infused oil

I also harvested some flowers, on the Full Moon just after midsummer, and made a self-heal infused oil. There are two ways to do this, a hot infusion, which I talked about recently in my post about Frankincense, and a cold infusion, which is what I used in this instance. To make a cold infusion of self heal, you simply harvest the flowers and put them into a glass jar, cover with olive oil, and leave on a sunny windowsill for around four weeks. After the colour has gone from the flowers, strain off the plant material by pouring into bottles over a muslin cloth.

Straining infused oil

I ended up with quite a large quantity of self heal oil, so I thought I’d use some to make a cream, and mix it with some of my favourite herbs and aromatherapy oils, calendula and lavender.

Calendula and Self Heal Cream


50ml Self Heal Infused Oil

15g wax (I usually use plant based waxes for my remedies, but today I happened to have some beeswax to hand, so this is what I used, plant based waxes would also work just as well)

50ml calendula infusion. To make this I added a few teaspoons of calendula flowers to a tea strainer in a mug of hot water.

10 drops lavender oil


Pyrex jug

Saucepan of hot water

Electric Whisk


Clean jars for your finished cream

Making herbal cream


Put the self heal infused oil along with the wax into the pyrex jug and set on the stove in a saucepan of hot water over a medium heat, until the wax has melted into the oil.

Meanwhile, make up your calendula infusion using hot water and dried calendula flowers.

When the wax has melted, use the thermometer to make sure that the oil and wax mixture, and the calendula infusion are roughly the same temperature.

Then, pour both the oil and wax mixture, and the calendula infusion into a large bowl or jug and add the lavender oil.

Using your electric whisk, mix the ingredients together until you have a smooth cream. Pour into your jars, label, and store in a cool place.

Self heal and calendula infused cream

The result is a beautiful, thick moisturising cream which will be brilliant for sore and chapped hands in the coming winter months. If you don’t have any self heal oil, then you could just use plain olive oil, or purchase some calendula infused oil perhaps. The cream would also be good to use as a healing cream for cuts or sores.

I made this cream last week, and at the weekend my toddler managed to dive headfirst into the coffee table, as toddlers are so good at doing. He had quite a red looking bump coming up on his head, so I applied some of the Self Heal cream, and it had calmed down so much by the next day. So this is a very handy cream to have if you have a bump prone toddler around the house!

This recipe is adapted from one of my favourite books about Herbalism, Hedgerow Medicine by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal.


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  1. Jess | 5th Oct 17

    Just followed on Twitter. I feel annoyed at myself for not doing so sooner. I love things like this! I usually do heat infusions rather than cold, as I assume (rightly or wrongly) that you get a more intense fusion. Would you agree with that? P.S hope your little one’s bump is healing! I bet he won’t make that mistake a again.

    • thesparklenest | 5th Oct 17

      Thank you Jess! I have only recently done a hot infusion for the first time, which I did with frankincense resin, I wrote about it a few posts back. With that it was easy to know that it had worked because the oil smelt so beautifully of frankincense. Perhaps I could test it out by doing a cold infusion of frankincense and comparing the two for fragrance?! And thank you, bump to the head pretty much all healed now, but there is always a new bump somewhere! x

  2. Patrick | 5th Oct 17

    This sounds like great home remedy for chapped hands,this would be good to have during our snowy days here in SE Michigan.

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  4. Anosa | 6th Oct 17

    Wow, I never know about this before and even how to make one. Glad I came over this post. My colleague is also looking for something like this. I will share this to her as well. This is a great remedy for the coming winter season.
    Anosa recently posted…Italian Wine Tasting @ Veeno Reading #weloveveenoMy Profile

  5. Melanie | 6th Oct 17

    What a wonderful idea for a natural cream. So much effort but well worth it x

  6. Joanna | 6th Oct 17

    I admire you for being able to make your own beauty products. I wouldn’t have thought it was easy to create such a moisturizing cream just by using your blender. Natural creams are the best.

  7. The London Mum | 6th Oct 17

    Wow. This is so clever and something I’d love to try and do myself.

  8. Tanya | 6th Oct 17

    What a fabulous idea, I’ve been looking for more homemade recipes for creams and skincare so this is great
    Tanya recently posted…Off The Wall On The Plate Pop Up RestaurantMy Profile

  9. Rebecca Smith | 6th Oct 17

    What a fab remedy. My mum always has some growing so may have to pick some up.
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…Hatchimals Surprise | Video Unboxing & Blog ReviewMy Profile

  10. Francesca | 7th Oct 17

    I absolutely love the idea of making your own oils and creams from your own garden, organic, natural goodness!! I’ll be giving this a go!

  11. Baby Isabella | 7th Oct 17

    You are so talented to make your own self heal oil. We’d love to try making this!
    Baby Isabella recently posted…The best show in the UK – Zippo’s Circus ReviewMy Profile

  12. Sarah Ann | 8th Oct 17

    I love the sound of this. I suffer from dry skin most of the time (particularly my hands) and I love the idea of making my own cream and knowing exactly what the ingredients are it contains.

  13. Harriet from Toby & Roo | 9th Oct 17

    This is AWESOME! I made soap for my inlaws last year as part of their Xmas hamper but this is so much better! Pinning it :)
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…Monkey see, monkey do :: Meanness.My Profile

  14. RACHEL EVANS | 9th Oct 17

    Sounds really useful to have some of this around. Not sure I am quite up to making it myself though!! I suppose it’s one of those things where once you’ve done it once it gets easier.

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